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Updated 11/02/08

21st Century Boys: The Return of Sigue Sigue Sputnik
2002 American Music Awards
2002 Golden Globes Awards
2004 Holiday Movie Preview

AC/DC Live in Sydney
Adventures in Iconoclasting
Aerosmith LIVE
After Harry Potter, the Laundry
America's Funniest Search Terms
American Idol Audition Simulator
Andy Kaufman: Wrestling with the American Dream
Annie Lennox
Ape Culture Cares About Celebrities on Hard Times
Ape Culture's 2001 Oscar Review
Ape Culture's 2000 Oscar Review
Ape Culture's Comments and Awards
Ape Culture's Guide to Classic TV
Ape Culture's Holiday Guide
Ape Culture Visits Boston and the World Headquarters of Thanksgiving, Plymouth, Massachusetts
An Ape Scratches His Head
Apes Abroad in Australia - The Gay Mardi Gras 2000 & Mardi Gras 2001
Ape's Abroad in Australia II
Apes Abroad in Japan I
Apes Abroad in Japan II
Apes Abroad in Japan III
Apes Abroad in Japan IV
Ask Cher Scholar
Ask a Grown-up your Celebrity Questions
Art Haarper's Movie Reviews for Retired Persons
Art Haarper's Video and Late Show Recommendations for Geezers
As Sleazy As They Wanna Be
Audience with the Demon - a Gene Simmons book signing
Australian Olympics: The Best Games Ever!

B-52s 25th Anniversary Show
Battle of the Bills! Bill Pullman vs. Bill Paxton
BCAT (Burbank Celebrity Aptitude Test)
Beastie Boys in JAPAN
Beastie Boys in Melbourne
Beck in JAPAN
The Bee Gees Greatest Hits
Beer: Six Absolute Truths
Before Hair Bands, There Were Bands With 70s Hair
Ben Folds Five
Pat Benatar
Best Music of 1997
Best Music of 1998
Best Music of 1999
Best Music of 2000
Best Music of 2001
The Best of Bond... James Bond
Big Day Out
Big Rewind Tour:Culture Club/Human League/Howard Jones
Black Sabbath In-Store Appearance
Black Sabbath Reunion Tour
Blue Man Group
Bob Dole, Pepsi Pervert: A Critical Analysis
Brady Bunch: Stop the Insanity!
Bridge School Benefit Concert
Bring Back the Dawn (Breakfast - it's not just for kids anymore)
Bubblegum Angst

Caustic Acrostic Movie Reviews
Caustic Acrostic Video Reviews
Celebrity Adventures
Celebrity Fat Club 3
Celebrity Scandal Limericks
Celebrity Zoo: Weekly Commentary on The Surreal Life 2003
Celebrity Zoo: Weekly Commentary on The Surreal Life Winter 2004
Celebrity Zoo: Weekly Commentary on The Surreal Life Fall 2004
Celebrity Zoo: Weekly Commentary on The Surreal Life 2005
Charlie Daniels Band with Drive By Truckers
Chat Room Review of the 2002 Grammy Awards
Chat Room Review of the America: A Tribute to Heroes telethon
Cheap Trick
Cher at Madison Square Garden
The Cher Auction
Cher Convention 2000
Cher In-Store Appearance
Celine Dion to Leave Rene for Strom Thurmond
Cochella Music Fest
Collected Hate Mail of Michael Jackson Fans
Come Sail Away, Rock Cruise Haiku
Contributor's List
Cool Bananas, Vegemite, Kangaroo Jerky, and Other Things I Digested in Australia

David Cassidy Live
The Darkness
A Day at the AVN Expo
The Day I Skipped Work to Audition for The Weakest Link
Dead Zombies of the Heart: favorite horror flicks
Deborah Gibson
Deconstructing Cash & Dad Interview
Depeche Mode Live
Divas '99: A Look Back in Anger
Divas Christmas Carol
Divas Live Ad Nauseum - Divas Live 2000
Divas That Wouldn't Die, The!
Do You Know The Way To Homer J?
Donna Summer Live
Don't Molest the Amish! Lancaster County and Philadelphia, PA
Dreadful Haikus for American Idol
Duran Duran - Live

Eight is Enough Meets The Amityville Horror
Elvis in Concert
Elvis Week
Everything Bad is Good For You: Book Review

Fashionably Late
Fixx Encounter: One Drink Leads to Another
Frog's Story, A expose of Kermit the Frog
From Ostrich Races to Stuffed Trigger: A Weekend in Branson
Fun with Email Forwards - REALLY Get to Know your Friends
FYI, WJM: Do YOU Know The Difference

Garden Baby Haikus
Gentleman of Leisure and the Broad of Kitsch do New Zealand

Gentleman of Leisure Reviews Dining in Yonkers, NY
Gentleman of Leisure Reviews Ozzfest '98
Glorious Excess: Xmas Decorations in Yonkers, NY and Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY
Growing Up Gotti Episodes We'd Like to See
The Guyana Diaries: A Habitat for Humanity Trip

Haiku Memoir for a Cardinal Fan
Haiku Requiem for Constantine
Haikus for a Half-Breed
Heat of the Moment - Mary's HS Reunion
Heavy-Metal Love Haikus
Heavy Metal Haikus - Part II
Helga for California Governor
Herb Alpert!
Hi-Identity: Girls Collecting Music
Hip Hop Guide to St. Louis
Holiday Blights - LA
Holyland USA, The Pictures
Honey, I Shrunk Emmanuel Lewis
Hot Line: The Letters I Get... and Write By Burt Reynolds

(Ape Culture's DIY Aisle)
How to Attend a Film Festival for Free
How To Tell If You Are at Ozzfest or Dodge Poetry Fest
How to Throw a Celebrity Obsession Party

HugsGram 1 and 2: Edgar Winter Dog Newsletters

I Almost Killed George Burns
I Was A Teenaged Barry Manilow Fan
If God Would Send His Angels to Union Square Barnes and Noble
If I Love Crappy Music, We Only Have the 80s to Blame
If I Were A Celebrity You Would Care
If I Were A Celebrity You Would Care #2 & 3
Inhabiting Oz
It's New to You, CD Reviews Vol. 3

James Garner as Jim Rockford and Nancy Drew: Murder in a Trailer Park
Jason Henninger's Celebrity Vignettes
Jimmy Buffett Benefit/Long Island
Jimmy Buffett on The Today Show
Joe Durrant's Celebrity Love Poems
John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band
John Waite
John Waite and the Motels by Kelly Blair
Journey, Peter Frampton, John Waite LIVE
Jupiter - the Burt Reynolds Planet

Katharine Hepburn: Star as Feminist
Kate the Great
Kelly Osbourne
The Kellie Pickler Conspiracy
The Killers
Kinder, Gentler Coverage of the 2003 Golden Globe Awards
KISS Psycho Circus Tour
Knights in Satan's Service meets Helter Skelter
Kylie Minogue: Interview with a Vamp
Kylie Minogue Live in Sydney
Kylie Minogue Spins Back

La Femme Nikita
Laguna Beach: Life Inside the Bubble - Book Review
LA Live: Summer 2003 Concerts
Letters To Richard Simmons From Fat Pets
Leif Garrett and F8
Leif Shirtless! The Teen Idol Planes of Enlightenment
Little Pink Haunted Houses for You and Me
Live Aid Revisited
Live(ish) Chat with Sonny Bono - the Transcript
Live(ish) Chat with Frank Sinatra - the Transcript
Love Poems To The Stars!

Macy Gray in Sydney
Madame Tussaud's Experience
Mad-As-Hell-Lib: Automatic Crazy Michael Jackson Fan Hatemail Generator
Meet the Editors
Meeting Famous People: Is this the Social Activity for You?
Men Strike Back: The Review
Metallica and St. Luke's Orchestra
Michael Jackson Presents..."This is My Life"
Minnow Files, The
Molly Denver Curmudgeon in London
Mom and Pop Rock & whole page of Herb Alpert!
More Celebrity Poems 1 and 2
Mother of All Road Trips. The
Mother's Day Extravaganza with Christina Crawford
Movies-A-Go-Go: Video Rental ideas
Music Can Help Soothe Your Troubled Mind

Navel Gazing at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards
Neil Diamond - The Today Show Concert
Nerdy Man: a Yuri's Night Photo Essay
Network TV Adjusts Its Leash
Note to Harrison Ford: You Can Go Back to Building Bookshelves Now
No Working Title - 9/11 Reflection
Now I've Seen Everything! Haikus for Skymall & the garden baby

Oh No, Bono!
Once A Fat Ass: Who Eric Cartman grows up to be
One Time, At Sculpture Camp in Greece
Open Letter to the Recording Industry
Ozzfest '98
Ozzfest 2000
Ozzfest 2001
Ozzfest 2003

Palm Springs Film Festival 2003
Pathetic Haiku Tribute for American Idol's Simon Cowell
Patton Oswalt: Feelin' Kinda Patton - CD review
Perverted Geek's Box of Valentines Candies
Perverting the Service Excellence Quote of the Day a.k.a. The Temp's Corollary
Pictorial History of Great Britain as told with Microsoft Clip Art®
Plague of Divas, A - VH-1's Divas Live 2001
Popstars Take Parramatta
Postmodern Irony Meets Suburban Convenience: PLAYSKOOL's McDonald's building
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Getting Over the Michael Jackson Documentary
Pressing Flesh: Reviews of John Waite, Motels, Marty & Elayne
Profiling Santa - Rankin/Bass specials
Psychic Friends Spoil Fun for Season Finale-o-philes

Quiet Riot

Red Lobster Sizzles: Book Review
Reflections on American Idol Season 4
The Republican Playbook - Book Review
Requiem for Battlestar Galactica: Blow Waves in Space
Requiem for The Richard Bey Show
Reviewing The Roger Corman Collection
Riffing on the 80s: Interview with No More Kings
The Rise and Fall of My First Celebrity Crush (Eddie Izzard)
Roadside Australia
Rockstar: Supernova - Waiting with the Rossi Posse
Rollins Band in Sydney
Ruminations on The Osbournes

The Sanjaya Mala-kus
Schmelvis: In Search of Elvis' Jewish Roots: A Book Review
The Science of Godzilla
The Science of Star Wars
Some People Call Me The Horse Whisperer; Some Call Me The Prince of Tides
Sonnets on an American Childhood in the Seventies
Standardized Should I Stalk William Shatner Personality Test
Still Wild and Crazy After All These Years
Sublime Subliminals: Brit Living in America
Suburbia's Sistine Chapel
Summer Music: It's New To You
Summer of Cher

The Tao of Amy Grant
Talkin' with Elvis Down by the Sea
Teen Crush Haikus Vol 1 and Vol 2
Ten Life Lessons I've Learned from Being a Die-Hard Duranie
Three Apes Chat About the 2001 Oscars
Timothy White Tribute
Tom Jones Acrostic Poems
Tom Jones in Sydney Australia
Tom Jones Live (1998)
Tom Jones in LA (2004)
Tool in Life, Treasure on TV—We Love the Office Bully
Touring the Galleries of the Stars
Travis in Sydney Australia
Tribute to Phil Hartman
Tutor to the Stars Burns her Bum in LA
Two Broads Abroad in Paradise

U2: The Haiku Review
U2: The Vertigo Haiku Review
Unsolved Mysteries

Vegan the Beguine
Vegas Rocks 100 Review
Velvet Revolver

"We are the 80s" CD Reviews
We Watched the 2001 Golden Globes So You Didn't Have To!
What The Funk!
When Celebrity Obsessions Attack!
When Has-Beens Attack!
When TV Is Stranger Than Fiction
Which Beatle Are You?
Which California Gubenatorial Candidate Should You Vote For?
"Which Osbourne Are You?" Test
Who Gets the Dog?: Meet The Edgar Winter Dog
Who Gets the Dog?: Is This Show Humane?
Who Gets the Dog: Ape Culture Gets the Dog!
Who Threw These Away? - CD Reviews
Why Female Skaters Suck and Female TV Characters Rock
Woo! Haikus for Taylor Hicks!
Woodstock '99
Woodstock Haikus
The Worst Noel: Hellish Holiday Tales Review
Would It Kill You To Read This Stuff: Book Reviews

The Zen of Oz


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