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The Haiku Page:
Tributes to Minor Crushes

By Mary Ladd and Julie Wiskirchen

Julie's Haikus
Mary's Haikus

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Haikus de Julie

Brooding Corey Hart
Take off those damn sunglasses
Never surrender
Manimal's suave star
Brit Simon MacCorkindale
Food for Jaws 3-D
Spike-headed Limahl
Sang Never-ending Story
My love proved finite
Lust for George Michael
Made me buy a CHOOSE LIFE shirt
He chose bathroom sex
Blonde mohawk, earrings
Brian Bosworth stunned football
Cardinals star Jack Clark
Uni-browed, lumpy, and rude
What made me fixate?
Dug Christian Slater's
Nicholson act in Heathers
Rejected ape heart
Monstrous Hannibal
Lecter, Hopkins turned me on
I need therapy
Comparing Top Guns
Most girls pick Tom's Maverick
I want Iceman Val
I can never get back
The fifteen minutes I crushed
On Vanilla Ice

Haikus de Mary

TV's Drew Carey
Freaky in 50s glasses
Shaped like The Love Bug
Angie-Ex Robert Hayes
Blow me up like that air doll
Airplane! love is high
Pre-Hulk Bill Bixby
Villains, don't make me angry!
Green biceps Blossom
Duvall's Gus McCrae
Lonesome Dove's fresh zen cowboy
Plays cards for a poke
I thought Jeff Goldblum's
Remake was fly in The Fly
Nerdy, bug-eyed love
Guest star beau Paul Sand
70s full of reruns
No one remembers
Doing Corey Hart
Compels me to do John Waite
D'oh! Ran out of room


Click on John Waite for a laugh

David Cassidy
Three days, I thought I loved you
Too; was I on crack?

Cartman, I have all
The yum cheesy poofs you need
Calm down, chubby boy
Popeye Mark McGwire
The wood and how to swing it
Wish I liked baseball

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