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The Haiku Page, Part II:
Tributes to Minor Crushes

By Mary Ladd and Julie Wiskirchen

Julie's Haikus
Mary's Haikus

Still going strong, now in its 2nd Consecutive Page!!!

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Haikus de Julie

John Strode in, looking
like the spawn of Tommy Lee
Jones. Fucked-up haircut
Take Paul Lynde to block
Sly quips from hip center square
He's queer? News to me
Jon-Eric Hexum
Career shorter than his name
I learned about loss
Ratt's cute blonde Robin
Made my heart spin round and round
Tour shirt kept him close

That cute guy who danced
in Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Backflipped out of biz

Haikus de Mary

Paradox: sexy
In your Dog Day Afternoon
Yet stupid and gay
Book me, Tommy Lee
Jones! I am guilty (of love).
Don't say, "I don't care"!
Sammy L. Jackson:
Jackie Brown and Pulpers cry.
Long Kiss Me Goodnight.
Maverick, James Garner,
Two Bens plus expenses:
What else does that buy?

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