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Miscellaneous Features

Me and Steve Martin at The Troubadour
Review of the new Steve Martin DVD The Television Stuff and the connection between Steve Martin's early stand-up work and Generation X irony meta-making.

Adventures in Iconoclasting
Ken Simms and Mary Ladd banter and argue about deeply philisophical aspects of Alien v. Predator, Tootsie Pops, I Dream of Jeannie, Oompa Loompas, and The Jeffersons.

America's Funniest Search Terms
When you type "Don Johnson shirtless" into Google, Big Brother is watching. See the bizarre search terms that led weirdos like you to Ape Culture.

Ape Culture Cares About Celebrities on Hard Times
Are you a celebrity? Do you have mysterious ailments that common people just don't understand? Like dehydration or exhaustion or chronic fatigue. Forget that appearance on Montel!! Ape Culture has a better way to help you!

An Ape Scratches His Head
Josh A. Cagan and his stick figures address life's important questions.

The Cher Auction - Mary Ladd visits a preview of the Oct 3-4, 2006, Cher Auction in Beverly Hills where she learns how to rub elbows with auctioneers and oodles of Cher stuff.

A Day at the AVN Expo - Smokey Sugartrail and Candy Claudine explore the AVN expo in Vegas

Fashionably Late
Comparing today's fashion to retro chic, Sonia Pereira laments "I was born two decades too late and I haven't got a thing to wear!"

A Frog's Story
by M. E. Ladd: A scathing expose of Kermit the Frog.

Helga for California Governor!
Nerdia's very own dog, Helga, is running for the California Governor's office. Read up on her platform and find out just what makes this very special candidate tick.

Holyland USA, The Pictures
Take a tour through a deserted religious amusement park IF YOU DARE!

How to Throw a Celebrity Obsession Party
Ape Culture shows you how to throw the ultimate self-indulgent bash. Mary and Julie relive the agony and ecstasy of their respective parties: CherFest and JackFest.

Jupiter - The Burt Reynolds Planet
Coolia takes in the Burt art and artifacts at the Burt Reynolds Museum in Jupiter, Fl.

Letters To Richard Simmons From Fat Pets
By Julie Wiskirchen: We're talking about a problem that is prevalent in society today yet seldom discussed and when it is discussed, it's usually made light of, without regard for the feelings of those who are afflicted. We're talking about house-pet obesity.

The Madame Tussaud's Experience
Read about our visit to New York's new Madame Tussaud's wax museum. See photos of us looking like big dorks as we pose with our wax idols!

Nerdy Man
Coolia attends Yuri's Night, a celebration of space exploration attracting geeks and burners from around the Bay Area

No Working Title
"We're all in the Tower one second after the plane hit. And we don't know what happens next." Max Burbank reflects on his feelings since Sept. 11 and wonders if he can ever be funny again.

Perverting the Service Excellence Quote of the Day, a.k.a. The Temp's Corollary
Is your company spamming you? Strike back!

Postmodern Irony Meets Suburban Convenience
PLAYSKOOL's McDonald's building Our own Architect-at-Large, Molly Denver, explores the structural and compositional delights of Playskool's McDonalds Playset.

The Rise and Fall of My First Celebrity Crush
Molly Denver recalls the way she was - infatuated with Eddie Izzard

Suburbia's Sistine Chapel
Art historians contextualize, analyze and fantasize about an 80s teen's ceiling collage of celebrity photos

Touring the Galleries of the Stars
Coolia and Nerdia review art shows by Julian Schnabel and Leonard Nimoy

If I Were A Celebrity You Would Care
By Gary Baum, a.k.a. Celebrity Crumudgeon

If I Were A Celebrity You Would Care
We all are dying to know what the hottest celebrities are up to, what they wear, where they go, what they eat, who they suck face with. That's why Ape Culture is very lucky to have Gary Baum on special location in Southern California. He begins his first feature by prodding the innards of the most undercover celebrity of them all, himself.

If I Were A Celebrity You Would Care #2 & 3
Gary Baum continues his anti-celebrity-column rants with his reflections from the bowels of his sanctum and 10 catty celebrity peeves. He's so catty!


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