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America's Funniest Search Terms

America, America, this is You.

Here's our collection of actual phrases and words that you, dear readers, typed into search engines that led you to Ape Culture. We're glad you came, even if you were disappointed by finding a Woodstock concert review sans nudity when you went looking for "show me your tits." We've thrown in a few links to show you some of the pages these search terms led to. We like to think of this list as a found poem.

cher childhood

where can i buy christmas cracker snaps in canada?

The Groupies of Motley Crew

purchased experiences don't count

pick a star on days of our lives

christina crawford*

Elvis anecdotes

woodstock nudity

all drug olympics phil hartman

kids in Satan Service

mantovani father

jon eric hexum

fat elvis

katie couric leather

loose socks

girls fucking in socks

women fucking apes

tits at woodstock

lyrics about parents divorce

maori greeting tongue

what is a burgermeister

desperate bachelors

crush poems

rod stewart sperm

mardi gras tits

kylie hot pants

elvis and priscilla sex life

brisbane gay hairdresser

teen poetry

susan anton

hold on for one more day

I need a lover who won't drive me crazy

berry gordy and diana ross affair

street party leather topless

temp sabotage

don johnson shirtless

butt cheeks

japan penis statue

my girlfriend shrunk me

*a surprisingly popular search term, right up there with "phil hartman" and "show me your tits"

Tell us what you're searching for.


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