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Holidays of the Apes

Ape Culture's Incomplete Complete Holiday Guide
Our year of the Holiday. Come celebrate and suffer with us.

Valentine's Day

The Perverted Geek's Box of Valentines Candies

Valentines Candies for hearts that run on Pentiums. Love isn't just for the suave!


Dead Zombies of the Heart
Ape Culture's horror movie expert, Mary Ladd, lists her favorite horror flicks, breaking the genre down into categories ranging from "Ghosts that Hate You and the Buildings You Live in" to "Scary Toys."


2004 Holiday Movie Preview - Mike Calahan takes us through the newest releases this holiday season, including a Michael Moore expose of Santa Claus and an epic family heartwarmer, The Donner Party.

A Diva's Christmas Carol

Glorious Excess: Christmas Decorations Run Amok in Yonkers, NY, Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY and Woodland Hills, CA

Profiling Santa
Growing up Jewish, Max Burbank learned everything he needed to know about Santa from those delightful Rankin/Bass specials


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