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Apes Abroad

Jet Setting and Cruising Apes

Now I've Seen Everything! Haikus for Skymall
Read our haikus about the products you only want when you're stuck on a plane for 4 hours, including fish head beverage coolers, a hot dog cooker, and a whole page of haiku dedicated to our favorite item -- the garden baby

My First Cruise: Embracing the Fun Imperative - From Froot-Loop-encrusted french toast to hairy chest contests to a meltdown at a Mexican McDonalds, Coolia tries her damnedest to have fun on a Carnival fun ship.

Apes Abroad in America

The Death Valley Super Bloom - It's Super! - Coolia spends a few days in Death Valley amid copious wildflowers during the once-a-decade Super Bloom, and learns about human nature in Pahrump, NV.

Ape Culture Visits Boston and Plymouth, the World Headquarters of Thanksgiving!
We ate where the pilgrims ate, followed the freedom trail, visited writers homes, the museum of bad art, and Cranberry World.

Burning Man 2007: A Greenhorn Meets the Green Man
Mary Ladd interviews Julie Wiskirchen about Julie's virgin trip to Burning Man

Don't Molest the Amish! Tourist Tips for Lancaster County and Philadelphia, PA
Join us as we romp through a corn maze, tour Hershey Chocolate World, visit the Franklin Mint Museum, and gawk at the world's largest colon.

Glorious Excess: Christmas Decorations Run Amok in Yonkers, NY and Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Holyland USA, The Pictures
Take a tour through a deserted religious amusement park IF YOU DARE!

The Mother of All Road Trips
Coolia drives coast to coast, stopping at such attractions as the Precious Moments Chapel, Cadillac Ranch, and, oh yeah, the Grand Canyon.

Sublime Subliminals
Ape Culture's British columnist Doug Stackhouse contemplates pop stars hawking breakfast cereals and his fifteenth year of Living in America. And it ain't all Cheerios, my friend.

Tutor to the Stars Burns Her Bum in LA
Jen Saunders, aka Tutor to the Stars, tries in vain to visit her boss's celebrity friends in LA, but does manage to drag her boyfriend, the Gentleman of Leisure, to several LA tourist traps. Check out her travelogue.

From Ostrich Races to Stuffed Trigger: A Weekend in Branson - Coolia enjoys good ol' American excess and country livin' in Branson, Missouri


Apes Abroad in Japan

By Traveling Jam, an American teaching in Japan and emailing us about Japanese pop culture

Beck in JAPAN!!

Beastie Boys in JAPAN!!


Apes Abroad in Australia

By Julie Wiskirchen, an American working in Sydney for a year

Abroad in Australia
Julie's first report documents the trip over and her initial impressions of this un-downer land and people in Sydney.

Roadside Australia
If it's Tuesday, it must be the Big Banana! Ride shotgun with Julie Wiskirchen as she tours the east coast of Australia from Sydney to Byron Bay, from Big Oyster to Big Prawn.

Two Broads Abroad in Paradise
Our two Apes Abroad correspondents tour Australia's Gold Coast, stopping to cuddle koalas and visit the Big Pineapple.

The Gentleman of Leisure and the Broad of Kitsch do New Zealand
What hilarity ensues when this mismatched duo embarks on a 2-week tour of New Zealand's north island!

Sydney's 2000 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
See the hilarious pictures of Sydney's spectacular Mardi Gras shebang!

The 2001 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade
Fabulous photos and commentary

As Sleazy As They Wanna Be
Photos and the sordid tale of Sleaze Ball 2000

The Best Games Ever!
Julie's Sydney Olympic journal

Cool Bananas, Vegemite, Kangaroo Jerky and other things I Digested in Australia: Molly Denver's trip diary

Popstars Take Parramatta
Hypnotized by a most blatant and unashamed media blitz, Australian sheep (the human kind) flock to a suburban mall to get their first live glimpse of Bardot, a Spice Girls-clone band assembled, packaged, and sold on a reality TV show called Popstars.

Sydney Concert Reviews: Macy Gray; ACDC; Big Day Out; Rollins Band; Tom Jones

Apes Abroad in Greece

One Time, At Sculpture Camp...
Molly Denver visits Athens and attends sculpture camp on the isle of Tinos, where she learns to use power tools and drink ouzo.

Apes Abroad in Great Britain

A Pictorial History of Great Britain as told with Microsoft Clip Art®
For most Americans, who find foreign history too tedious to contemplate, this pictorial tour of Great Britain complied by Mary Ladd will give you an informative overview supported by artistic interpretations of the UK as designed by the artisans of Microsoft ®.

Molly Denver: Curmudgeon in London
Molly Denver visits London and finds the pint glass half empty.


Apes Abroad in Guyana

The Guyana Diaries: A Habitat for Humanity Trip - Molly Denver writes about a week of volunteer work in Guyana.

Apes Abroad in Kenya

Beauty of the Beasts: My Kenya Safari Trip - Coolia visited Kenya for a 2-week safari and recounts the epic tale with tons of pics.



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