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Games of the Apes

Here's your chance to be Rod Stewart, Courtney Love, Sonny Bono, Michelle Phillips, David Lee Roth, or Michael Jackson...if you dare.

The Mad-As-Hell-Lib: Automatic Crazy Michael Jackson Fan Hatemail Generator
We get a lot of hatemail from Michael Jackson fans, and we know if they are bothering with lil' ol' us, responding on behalf of MJ must be a full time job for them. So we created this handy tool to make it easier.

The "There's Your Boyfriend" Game
A mean-spirited, gender-reversed game based on the movie Dogfight.


Quizzes of the Apes

American Idol Audition Simulator
Take the "How Would Simon Cowell Judge You?" quiz and find out if you're the total package or a total loser.

The BCAT (Burbank Celebrity Aptitude Test)
Sharpen your Number Two pencil. Max Burbank, the man who gave the world The Standardized Should I Stalk William Shatner Test, returns with some challenging celebrity analogies.

Bubblegum Angst
Do you secretly love the bubblegum music you profess to hate? The Freud-based test will help you discover your inner Tiffany-lover.

The Standardized "Should I Stalk William Shatner?" Personality Test
Do you have what it takes to be a William Shatner stalker? Stop biting your nails: find out now!

Which Beatle Are You?
The Beatle Personality Test - It's more fun than Myers Briggs!

Which California Gubenatorial Candidate Should You Vote For?
Having trouble choosing between the 135 candidates? This handy quiz can help.

Which Osbourne Are You?
Do you ever get high and snort ants off a sticky popsicle stick you find on the sidewalk? If so, you might be Ozzy.


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