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Music of the Apes

Concert Reviews Music Features

AC/DC Live in Sydney


The B-52s 25th
Anniversary Show

Beastie Boys in JAPAN!!

Beastie Boys in Melbourne

Beck in JAPAN!!

Ben Folds Five

Pat Benatar

Big Day Out

The Big Rewind Tour: Culture Club/Human League/Howard Jones

Blue Man Group

The Bridge School Benefit Concert

Jimmy Buffett on the Today Show

Jimmy Buffett Benefit on Long Island

John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band

David Cassidy

Cochella Music Fest

The Charlie Daniels Band with Drive By Truckers

Cheap Trick

The Darkness

Depeche Mode Live

Neil Diamond - Today Show

Donna Summer

Duran Duran

Leif Garrett and F8

Macy Gray in Sydney

Deborah Gibson


Journey, Peter Frampton, John Waite

John Waite 2004

The Killers

Annie Lennox - the Solo Tour


Marty & Elayne

Metallica and St. Luke's Orchestra

The Motels


Kelly Osbourne


Quiet Riot

Rollins Band in Sydney

Travis in Sydney

U2: The Haiku Review

Vegas Rocks 100 - Red Hot Chili Peppers/Weezer

Velvet Revolver

John Waite

Tribute to Timothy White

Woodstock '99

The Tom Jones Reviews

Tom Jones Acrostic Poems

Tom Jones Live in 1998

Tom Jones in Sydney Australia in 2000

Tom Jones in LA 2004

In-Store Appearances

Audience with the Demon - a Gene Simmons book signing

Black Sabbath In-Store Appearance

Cher In-Store Appearance

Kylie Minogue: Interview with a Vamp


The "Which Osbourne Are You?" Test

Ruminations on The Osbournes

Black Sabbath In-Store Appearance

Black Sabbath Reunion Tour

Gentleman of Leisure Reviews Ozzfest '98

How To Tell If You Are at Ozzfest 2002 or Dodge Poetry Fest

Ozzfest '98

Ozzfest 2000

Ozzfest 2001

Ozzfest 2003


Audience with the Demon - a Gene Simmons book signing

Kiss Convention

KISS Psycho Circus Tour Review

Runaway featuring Gene Simmons

Divas Live Reviews

Divas Live 99: A Look Back in Anger

Divas Live Ad Nauseum

A Diva's Christmas Carol

The Divas That Wouldn't Die!

Men Strike Back

A Plague of Divas


Cher at Madison Square Garden

Cher Convention 2000

Cher In-Store Appearance

Haikus for a Half-Breed

Summer of Cher: CherCon 2002, The Farewell Tour, Living Proof

The Cher Auction


Elvis in Concert

Report on Elvis Week

Schmelvis: In Search of Elvis Presley's Jewish Roots

Talkin' with Elvis Down by the Sea
Ann Cefola explores the inner impersonator in us all

Kylie Minogue

The Kyliemericks

Kylie Minogue: Interview with a Vamp

Kylie Minogue, Live in Sydney

Kylie Minogue Spins Back!

21st Century Boys: The Return of Sigue Sigue Sputnik We've got EXCLUSIVE photos from the recent Sigue Sigue Sputnik concert in London. Matthew Denby chronicles the history and future prospects of the band who wanted to "fleece the world."

The A-Ha-Kus
Bless you! Molly Denver immortalizes the very mortal members of the 80s pop band A-Ha with the very delicate art of haiku.

American Idol Audition Simulator
Take the "How Would Simon Cowell Judge You?" Quiz and find out if you're the total package or a total loser.

Ape Culture takes on a summer of LA Concerts
Finally catching up on concert reviews, Coolia and Nerdia recap a summer of toe tappin good times (toe tappin in their idling cars, that is, as the concert parking lots emptied like clogged bathtub drains). Mini-reviews of Maria McKee, Kenny Rogers, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, dada, Super Diamond, Type-O Negative, Joao Gilberto, Cher, Ringo Star and His All Star Band, Inland Invasion III.

Before Hair Bands, There Were Bands With 70s Hair
Mary Ladd rings in the New Year with Queen, Journey, and Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute bands

Bubblegum Angst
Do you secretly love the bubblegum music you profess to hate? The Freud-based test will help you discover your inner Tiffany-lover.

Celine Dion to Leave Rene for Strom Thurmond Ape Culture sources reveal that new mom Celine searched for an even older and wiser(?) father figure for her offspring and found the barely breathing but still legislating Strom

Be Michael Jackson, Courtney Love, David Lee Roth, Michelle Phillips, Sonny Bono, or Rod Stewart

Coachella 2016 Weekend Two: Crochet Tops, Cut Offs, Axl Enthroned, and Prince Tributes
Coolia reviews the festival - with pics and videos.

Deconstructing Cash
Mary Ladd takes a closer look at pop culture legend Johnny Cash, exploring what might have made this music icon tick. She also interviews her Dad, who went to see Johnny Cash shows in 1957 and the early 70s.

Dreadful Haikus for American Idol
Not another commercial break to plug the Ford Focus?!? Julie Wiskirchen, Christine Horace, and Nova Gutierrez bide their weekly American Idol time writing haikus.

Drowning in the Metal Sludge at Download 2016
Coolia rocks out in the mud, seeing Rammstein, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden at the Download 2016 Festival in England.

A Fixx Encounter: One Drink Leads to Another
Jennifer Makowsky meets the New Wave idols of her youth and gets revenge against the Cure groupies who made her high school years hellacious.

Glastonbury 2013
Coolia reviews the Glastonbury festival. She saw the Stones!

Heavy Metal Love Haikus
They're raunchy, their raw and they ridicule the very male divas they love....don't miss the fun and the sentimental memories that are Heavy Metal Love Haikus.

Heavy Metal Haikus - Part II
Hair band refugees Jimmy Fahrenheit and Magnus Thornbjorn present a brand new set of heavy metal haikus, alternatively rocking you like a hurricane and giving you the refreshing pause of silent lucidity.

Hi-Identity: Girls Collecting Music
Nerdia and Jo Kozlowski chat about growing up, holding the tape recorder to their transistor radios, collecting music, and staying true to themselves.

Hip Hop Guide to St. Louis
St. Louis native Coolia provides a glossary to local references in St. Louis rappers' songs.

How To Tell If You Are at Ozzfest or Dodge Poetry Fest
You know you're at Ozzfest when...Ozzy bites the head off a dove. You know you're at Dodgefest when...the governor of New Jersey bites the head off Amiri Baraka

I Was a Teen-Age Barry Manilow Fan
M.E. Ladd says it loud and she says it proud. Read the harrowing saga of her life as a member of the Official Barry Manilow International Fan Club, the critique of their fanzine and the lowdown on official vs. un-official fan clubs and websites.

If God Would Send His Angels to Union Square Barnes and Noble
Christine Horace's dream come true when she meets U2 after waiting in line overnight.

If I Love Crappy Music, We Only Have the 80s to Blame
Mary Ladd takes a trip down 80s lane as she peruses an old box of 45s she bought when she wasn't old enough to know any better.

Knights in Satan's Service Meets Helter Skelter
Ape Culture confronts the obsessed at Beatlefest '99 and the KISS Expo.

Leif Shirtless! The Teen Idol Planes of Enlightenment
Think you're easily absolved from years of teen idol worship? Think again! The scars may go deeper than you know! Take a tour back into your teen idol lust and then break on through to the other side.

Little Pink Haunted Houses for You and Me
We hear Stephen King and John Cougar Mellencamp are collaborating on a broadway musical. We've come up with some showstoppin', heartstoppin', farm-foreclosure-stoppin' songs for them.

Live Aid Revisited, or, How Do I Love Thee, Live Aid? Let Me Count the Mullets
Julie Wiskirchen compares her experience of watching Live Aid on TV, aged 12, vs. watching it on DVD, aged 32

Meeting Famous People: Is this the Social Activity for You?
Julie Wiskirchen and Mary Ladd find themselves caught up in the swirl and whirligig of John Waite's after-show party.

Mom and Pop Rock
Reflections on our parents' music including the likes of Burt Bacharach, Neil Diamond, and a whole page of Herb Alpert!

Music Can Help Soothe Your Troubled Mind
"And we were worried about sharks." Mary Ladd comes to terms with "that which cannot be named" the only way she knows how--she makes a mix tape. And she's offering to mail you this mix of inspirational pop and gospel tunes FREE of charge.

Oh No, Bono!
Molly Denver waits in line overnight to meet U2 in hopes of selling the autographed book to raise money for her Habitat for Humanity trip

An Open Letter to the Recording Industry
Having noticed that boy bands are getting younger every day, Max Burbank theorizes that the future of pop might depend on good pre-natal care and that videos may be shot on ultrasound machines.

A Pathetic Haiku Tribute for American Idol's Simon Cowell
He's the reason we got sucked into watching American Idol all Summer, so we figured he deserved a haiku tribute. Yes, Simon, the question remains: how have we remained undiscovered for so long???

Popstars Take Parramatta!
A report on the first mall appearance of Bardot, a girl group created for a reality TV show called Popstars

The Tao of Amy Grant
Mary E. Ladd tracks the spiritual progression of Amy Grant lyrics from Christian gospel to folk-eastern country.

Ten Life Lessons I've Learned from Being a Die-Hard Duranie
As the reunited fab five play their first US shows together in 18 years, Jen Makowsky recalls her Duran-Duran-obsessed teen years, when a new pin-up of Simon LeBon brought a cherry ice cream smile to her face.

What Beatle Are You?
The Beatle Personality Test: it's more fun than Myers-Briggs!

Michael Jackson

The Collected Hate Mail of Michael Jackson Fans
They wanna be startin' something' and we wanna be understandin' their wacked-out celeb obsession.

The Mad-As-Hell-Lib: Automatic Crazy Michael Jackson Fan Hatemail Generator
We get a lot of hatemail and we know if they are bothering with lil' ol' us, responding on behalf of MJ must be a full time job for them. So we created this handy tool to make it easier.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Getting Over the Michael Jackson Documentary
Sherry Fairchok and Mary Ladd trade theories about the larger significance of Celebrity Gone Horribly Wrong.

Michael Jackson Presents..."This is My Life"
Still grabbing his crotch after all these years...a review of Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary concert TV special.

Music Reviews by The Gent of Leisure

Girlfriend Drags Gent of Leisure to Deborah Gibson Concert

The Gentleman of Leisure Reviews Ozzfest '98

CD Reviews by Daron Faught

The Best Tunes of 1997

The Best Music of 1998

The Best Music of 1999

The Best Music of 2000

The Best Music of 2001

Summer Music: It's New To You

What The Funk!

Who Threw These Away?

It's New to You, Vol. 3

Music Award Show Reviews

2001 MTV Video Music Awards

2002 Grammy Awards

2002 American Music Awards


Other CD Reviews

The Bee Gees Greatest Hits

"We are the 80s" CD Reviews




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