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You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'?

Hate Mail? We Get Hate Mail. 99.5% of It Comes From Michael Jackson Fans.
"They said she had a breakdown." - Michael Jackson in "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"

Given a choice between running from mean n' nasty media types like us or hanging out with deranged, obsessive fans like the ones below, who can blame Michael Jackson for spending most of his time alone in an oxygen chamber? We have lampooned plenty of celebs on this site, yet only the Michael Jackson fans bother to send us hate mail. In our continued effort to understand celebrity obsession, we pause to analyze this trend. Does this avalanche of hate mail mean that the most eccentric celebrity of them all has fans who are just as bizarre as he is? Probably. It could also be that these fans have tired of seeing the object of their obsession used as a punchline and are mad as hell and not gonna take it any more!

Please note: we have not fixed the grammar or spelling of these letters because of our commitment to not dilute the letters' fury-laden purity and to reproduce the true spirit and intelligence level of the wingnuts who wrote them.

Postings as of 11.29.03

General Hateful Responses

From Crystal (7/14/03) What makes you think that us michael jackson fans would send hatemail to this stupid web site?

From Crystal (7/15/03) your web site is such a fake :) you are just jealouse, becouse you cant make a website that will get at least 1 hatemail message from a michael jackson fan! maybe you should volenteer to get an ass kickin from your Mommey! or at least go back to school, You sure do need it! Michael Jackson fan 4-ever!, Crystal. PS: There is no way you can brake up us M.J. fans, you loser!

From Laura (4/20/03) LEAVE MICHAEL JACKSON ALONE*!* You're Just Jealous Of Him*!* Ha Ha Ha You Poor Sad Thing*!* Love Always, Laura*!*

(7/03) You need to leave Michael Jackson alone. He is wonderful human being. Don't you realise he has feelings too. You're so obsessed with what mistakes he's made. well he's more successful and wealthy than you'll ever be. I think you really violently need to go to hell. Thank you.

Camilla (6/22/03) your such pricks goget a life and grow up michael jackson is the best artist ever to be knownn you are just jelouse and you try to find ways to get to michael but you cant because hes dtrong and he knows just how many peope love him to bits and michael ignores your stupid immuture things so leave him alone you arseholes and do us a favour go get a life andget your facts rite bye freaks

Jodie (4/27/03) ur a fuckin load of shit! how dare u mock the life of a child. u have fuckin morals that u play around with others reputations.

Responses to The Michael Jackson "Choose Your Own Celebrity Adventure" by Mary Ladd

  • Like that wasn't the most depressing Michael Jackson story I've ever heard. PS Im a Jhova Witness and it's not all that fun. Friday and weekends we have get togethers just like anybody else. Like this Friday Im going to a party at my friends house like I usually do. We sit around drink beer, laugh, and have fun. Stop the hatin'
  • Hey!! What the heck do you think you're doing? Michael Jackson is the best! You're just jealous that you're not a celebrity like he is. Please do not dis him. He is very talented. He did have depression because he's had a hard life and he does not go out in public and say "my life sucks, feel bad for me" obviously you have nothing to do with your life. Leave him alone!! If you are believing the dang tabloids you shouldn't. They are making up stories. Stay away from those things. Well i'm pissed off so bye!
  • Leave Michael Jackson alone!! He didn't molest that little boy. The police investigated and found absolutely no evidence. It was the stupid tabloids who started the whole molesting thing.
  • how fucking rude! While you sit around designing yourself a fairly unimpressive website, Michael Jackson remains the most talented man alive. I am not a crazed fan, nor am I obsessive. I would however like to point out that you do know an awful lot about Michaels childhood, so can you blame him for being a little out of the ordinary, AND it should be obvious that the only people who are likely to do your "Michael Jackson Adventure" are people who like the guy. I'm not going to proclaim whether or not he did or didn't do anything, or that he is or is not a freak but I think that you have handled and worded your site wrongly. It needs to be objective and unopinionated if you do not know the facts. Which (unless you ARE Michael Jackson, which I doubt) you do not. Dont mean to sound rude but he is a really talented singer and dancer regardless of what he may have done, and his new album is fantastic so I suggest you go and buy it as an apology. And tell all your friends (or should I say both your friends) to do the same.
  • re: cool site
    NOT! okay, 1st of all...how old are you? Because you sound a bit like my, 7 year old, neighbor. 2nd, Why can't people like you shutup? GOD! I am sick and tired of hearing assholes who think you know everything! cause... unfortuantly, ya don't, and I'm so sorry that you haven't firgured it out yet, that makes me sad. but ANYWHO...What the FUCK is your problem? It sounds like YOUR the weird one. And I think you need to learn the difference between a "son" and a "daughter" okay? A "daughter" is a girl...are ya still with me? okay...taking it slllowly...a "son"...is a BOY. Now...I'm pretty DAMN sure that LISA Marie was Elvis's "daughter" not his "son". Alright...I think we have THAT covered, are you sure you can handle this next part? "You may fall victim to the same sicko temptations Michael has" is NOT, I repeat NOT a question, therefore...needs NO question mark. Just in case you forgot what a question mark looked like...or maybe just got it confuesed with another punctuation > mark...it looks like "?" Alright...you haven't even said anything and you're starting to annoy me. But, we'll try to get you into a kindergarden class where they can teach you all kinds of stuff! Won't that be fun? Colo rs, shapes, some quite interseting shit in kindergarden. I am soo sorry if I have insulted your intelligence...haha, not really, I found it quite, amusing, actually. So, see ya, but hopefully not because if i met you, I'm fairly certain I would have some sort of uncontrollable fit because from your extreme stupidity. ha, ta ta!
  • To whom it may concern,
    I wish to tell you that i think the story about Michael Jackson 'Your mission if you chose to accept it' is absolute riot. There are some correct facts in there such as birth dates ect, but everything else is based on your pathetic opinions that are influenced by far from the truth sources such as Christopher Andersons UNAURTHORIZED biography hence unauthorized. I have read every book article and story there is about Michael Jackson and his family and I can tell you that your mind is so closed shut im surprised your brain can function. Latoya's distance from the family and her trouble has been brought upon herself. She constantly drags down the Jackson name therefore they have the right to reject her regardless of their relationship. And if you say well they're family, maybe Latoya should take that into consideration not them. You should be ashamed and appauled with yourself for this trash because thats what you are TRASH. Michael is an incredibly humble and beautiful human being and you have no right to slander him on the world wide web.
  • from "Disgusted with your web site" sillygirl95660s@...
    I was browsing the internet trying to find an official web site for Michael Jackson to write a letter in support of him when I stumbled across your assinine web site where you bash him relentlessly without mercy. Maybe you should try learning the facts before you go spouting off every dumb thing you read in the tabloids and see on hollywood gossip shows. In case a little fact escaped your mind....PEOPLE LIE ALL THE TIME ON T.V. AND IN THE TABLOID MAGAZINES!!! Get a clue. You cannot honestly be that nieve and stupid to believe everything gossip columnists write. They are known for making up stories and twisting the truth in order to sell a story. This is nothing new for them. Michael Jackson didn't molest anyone. If that boy's father honestly thought for one second that Michael Jackson molested his child do you honestly think he would have just accepted money from Michael Jackson and settled out of court?? If I actually thought that someone abused my child I'd do everything in my power to see that person behind bars in prison for as long as possible and make sure they had a record that would follow them wherever they went. No amount of money would make me settle out of court if it was my child involved. I can understand from Michael Jackson's perspective why he paid the creep off, because he wanted to avoid a whole long drawn out trial where he probably would have been ripped to shreds even more so by the media...and who knows what the outcome might have been. I personally wouldn't have settled with the boy's father or given the pig a dime of my money just out of principle. But the fact is a lot of celebrities do end up settling out of court to avoid being further drug thru the mud and have to endure really long court battles. That doesn't always mean a person is guilty. My question to you is why are you so obsessed with Micheal Jackson and his supposed "freakish" ways? Why do you care how many surgeries he's had or not had or whether he wears band aids on his fingers to hide flaws? Why do you care how light his skin is or how quirky he might be? Is he hurting you personally in some way? No. Oh and since you claim to know so much about the man's life I guess you just happened to miss all the interviews that were requested with the boy's father to which he refused...and I suppose you heard those conversations that one of the man's friends recorded where the father admitted the whole allegation of sexual abuse was a total lie. It was a total scam. He was bragging and laughing to his friend about how it was all about money and how he was gonna take Michael Jackson for everything he had..and how basically Michael Jackson was too trusting of people, etc... Yes, the boy's father admitted to more than one person about his intentions, but the question was whether or not the conversations could be used in court since he was not told he was being recorded. Nevertheless the conversations were played on various television programs around the time of the allegations. Michael Jackson has done several interviews since the accusations of abuse were first made, but if you'll notice the father of the boy who was supposedly abused has NEVER once come forward publicly to say anything about it. His son is probably grown by now or close to it and could speak out himself if he wanted to, but of course they don't want to risk losing any of their precious money that they extorted, so they are not going to ever do that. It's not your place to judge a man whom you've never taken the time to actually know or understand and then proceed to bash him to anyone who may stumble across your lame site. Do you have so much time on your hands and so little of your own life that all you can do is find negative, hateful and destructive things to say about people?? Michael Jackson might have his quirks, but from what I've seen he's a very good hearted man who goes out of his way to make people, not just children, feel special and cared about. He is very down to earth and he cares about the state that the world is in and what is happening all around him. He's not self absorbed at all the way you make him out to be. As for the claim you make that he doesn't care about anyone's problems or finances, he has raised millions of dollars and donated money and time himself to many charities..and as you admitted yourself he's given expensive gifts to people he hardly knows. He still keeps in contact with his parents, even though his relationship has been rocky at times with his father, so I'm sure if they needed help he would be there for them as he has been in the past. I've seen their home. It doesn't look to me like they are exactly living in poverty. You might want to check your sources before you go throwing out all these wild allegations. Michael Jackson is not some cold hearted selfish person as you've portrayed him to be. To the contrary he can feel what other people go thru and he has more sensitivity and compassion and love for people than you will ever have. And the fact that he can be open and honest about his past and his feelings about his childhood and other things that happened in his life doesn't make him a "freak" or a "spoiled brat" as you so lovingly referred to him. It makes him human and honest. There is nothing wrong with being able to acknowledge the truth. We all need to sometimes look in to the past in order to heal. And there is also nothing wrong with being a kid at heart and wanting to enjoy some things that he didn't get to enjoy as a child. I'll be 27 before long and I still enjoy doing a lot of things that I enjoyed as a kid, even though I may not always get the chance to do the things I want to do. I think everyone has that little child in them to some extent. It doesn't make us immature if we enjoy things that are fun and light hearted. And it doesn't make someone a child abuser simply because they love children. I'm a parent myself and I love kids. That doesn't make me some kind of freak. The fact that he lets kids have sleep overs at his home (with their parents on the same property) does not make him a child abuser. If he was abusing all these kids surely after all these years kids would be coming out of the woodworks accusing him of doing something, but that isn't happening because he has done nothing wrong. If the parents of these kids don't have a problem with their children spending time with Michael Jackson, then nobody else has any right to say jack squat about it either. People are so paranoid these days about child abuse that they even turn totally inocent behaviour in to something sinister...and I just think that's really sad. The fact that child abuse is a sick fact of life in this world does not mean that any man or woman who loves kids and inocently spends time with them is some kind of weirdo! You need to learn the difference between the two types of people. Nothing that I've seen in Michael Jackson's behaviour makes me think he's hurting kids in any way...and until you walk in on the man doing something inappropriate, or someone else comes forward with some real proof...you need to stop writing this trash about him! Go and try making your own success and stop trying to get on the sleazy tabloid bandwagon with all the other low life gossips who have no life. I would never pay a dime for one of those magazines... Oh and by the way, if I were you (thankfully I'm not) I would seriously question anything that LaToya Jackson has to say in a book where she was clearly just out to make money because she desperately needed some. She reminds me a lot of Anna Nicole Smith - no class, no morals and both will do just about anything for money no matter who it hurts, or how much they have to humiliate themselves to get it. But hey you go on believing everything you read and pass your little judgements about people without knowing all the facts if that makes you happy. I prefer to take the high road and not sink to that level. I may not agree with everything a person does and may not always understand something, but I'm not going to condemn someone just because they look different or because they aren't afraid to show compassion for people. Face it; Most people are cold and very jaded today. Michael Jackson isn't and he doesn't act as "Hollywood" as some people think he should, so he gets labeled as a "freak". Maybe if he fired his help for so much as glancing his way as some actors and singers have been reported to do, or maybe if he didn't give a damn about disadvantaged people you'd like him more????? If more people in this world were as caring as he is the world wouldn't be as screwed up as it is. It's negative, evil, nasty people like you who never seem to be happy unless they are putting someone else down and trying to destroy someone's life by taking cheap shots and getting a laugh at someone else's expense. Hopefully one day you will grow up, but somehow I highly doubt it.
  • from "anon" ehtgeirg@...
    I think all of you are sick i like michael jackson and theres nouthing you can change about that. I will never stop likeing him! so there you mean nasty people

Responses to the review of Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Special by Julie Wiskirchen

  • From Tony (8/18/03) i read that article you did about michael's 30th anniversary. and i have to say your an ediot. how could you even critisize that concert like that. he performed amazingly with his brothers. his solo performance was unbelievable and filled with great memories. gloria did not look sick. and she performed great. the concert was a blast and everyone that watched it said so also. i think you should concider another proffession. critisizing one of the most successful recording artists of all time isnt to smart
  • I just finished reading your very disturbing article about Michael Jackson. The one thing I just do not understand about it is that you tried to get tickets to the 30th anniversary celebration. So even if you like him a little bit, why did you criticize every last detail about him?? As for Michael and his friends sitting in their own box near the stage.....where did you expect him to sit...the last row?? And who better to share the celebration with than his good friends?? If it was you...would you just sit with some random people you found on the street?? I don't think so!! And then, when you went on to say that Michael looked sedated throughout the show....obviously you haven't done your research on Michael...he is very shy when he is not on stage performing...and from the picture I saw of you...I wouldn't be surprised if you got winded trying to do the moonwalk ONCE!! I'm sorry, but dancing is not a walk in the park. And as for the comment on his nose....well, I think it is DAMN sexy. Your nose isn't a great one to look at either. Now, if you were performing on a stage with five other people and you had to dance....it is obvious that you would need room...or else you would be stumbling all over the place. And DO NOT even go there with the shin guards...I personally thought he looked great...and if you even bothered to notice his style over the years...you would see that he is known for wearing different and elaborate costumes...ones that only he can pull off (which he does..and he sure does well). Then you go on to criticize the way he kept putting his hand over his mouth....which he is also known to do at his concerts. And as for his dancing....the frigging thing was a tribute of all that he has done over the years....so HELLO.....he is going to sing and dance to the songs he did over the years. And I don't know if you keep up with the entertainment world...but Alien Antfarm remade that song because they like Michael Jackson so much....and while it is good....no one can beat Michael Jackson on his own songs. Yes...Michael is the most extraordinary person in the world....as opposed to you, who falls at the bottom of the spectrum...Michael has had to deal with bad press for most of his life....and I don't appreciate you adding to that. Just because you are jealous of him...and you probably don't live a very exciting life, does not mean that you have to bash him....he is 43 years old...and he moves better now than you probably ever could and ever will. Michael definitely rocks my world!!!!
  • I just read your article about Michael Jackson. How dare you say those things about him! First of all he NEVER EVER sexually abused any little boys and is not turned on by them, trust me I know this for a fact! Secondly, Michael's move espetially the Moonwalk will never be old they will live for ever and NO ONE could ever come close to Michael when it comes to dancing because he is the best there ever was or will be!! You obviously know nothing about Michael and have no respect for him at all.You could never begin to understand his personality, lifestyle, music or anything else about him. But I do, I have known Michael Jackson (personally) for years and I know the facts. And I am very upset that you would say these things about Michael who is exactly how Elizabeth Taylor descibed him, he is a compationate, wonderful person and you shouldn't judge people you've never even met, people like Michael Jackson.
  • this is a horrible review of the 30th anniversary concert. you viewed basically all the negative sides of the concert. i thought the concert was incredible. it definitely rocked my world. throughout this review you horribly judged the appearance of everone. what does that make of you?? from one to 10 i wouldn't even give this article a one! think about it.....
  • From: "mick" sawedoffshotgun_handonthepump@...
    you guys are truly sad. your so hell bent on your eminem shit, that you dont see good music. michael jackson is the best entertainer, ever. he has been around for a long time, (could be why he had a 30th celebration, lets see eminem do that) he has some of the best dance moves in the world, and i personally dont think that he can ever be messed with in that category. what he wants is yes, totally wierd, but its not stupid. i believe that his thoughts belong in a different world, because of people like good ol Julie Wiskirchen, who has never had a rumor spread about her. people like Julie make this world how it is, full of hate, and all that shit. hey, i got an idea Julie. how bout you throw yourself a concert, and see how many people go. or better yet, see how many stars will show up for you, and sing some songs for you. that way, you are fully happy, and you can see how much of a badass you are. i think your jealous. you want his balls huh? you just hate everyone and everything that has to do with michael jackson dont you? how old are you julie? you single? mail me sometime. i want a girlfriend that hates the world, so i dont have fear of her cheatin on me. unless your a guy, then dont mail me. i gotta go. peace.

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