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Chat Room Review of the 2002 Grammy Awards

Stuck in an Award Show You Can't Get Out Of


Coolia = Julie Wiskirchen
Nerdia = Mary Ladd
Coqueta = Alyssa Gutierrez
Chica = Nova Gutierrez
CharoFan = Christopher Brisson
Special Cameo Appearance, Live from Australia, the artist formerly known as Marilyn

[coolia] Bono could have shaved. They're starting with U2...setting the tone for the night?

[coolia] Jon Stewart getting frisked and stripped. that's pretty funny.

[Marilyn] Anyone know where I can score some smack?

[coolia] best pop vocal by a duo or group - U2 "stuck in a moment." Bono is just cracking jokes, seems confident he'll win more, a bit jaded.

[coolia] Lady Marmalade ad nauseum - Pink looks like a Nagel print/punk rocker. Christina is busting out all over...she's got some pipes though...omygod..Patti LaBelles breasts are enormous...she's totally smooshed into that dress

[CharoFan] Patti looks like she's raided Aretha's closet and she gives Aretha a run for her money as the hippo of soul

[Marilyn] Is Pink looking butch?

[coolia] do you remember that artist Nagel from the 80s? she looked like one of his prints, mixed with a punk rocker.

[Marilyn] Is Christina still a skinny crack whore?

[coolia] yes, Christina looks skeletal

[chica] I got to comment on a fellow LATINA who tried to outsing Patti ever so briefly.

[coolia] they are a bunch of strumpets. i dont like Christina's hair. Pink would fit in on st marks place

[Marilyn] Hair by Dee Snyder

[chica] not as bad a Britney's Coal Miner's Daughter hair

[coolia] Britney has midwest prom hair

[coolia] did they compete over who would wear the least clothes?

[coqueta] well it wasn't who had the biggest boobs

[coolia] Patti would win that in a walk!

[Marilyn] This will be Kylie's show next year. She is the anti-Alanis, an enema to flush away 90's Prozac chick rock.

[coolia] but i like Alanis' new song

[Marilyn] It's about the SAME guy she was moaning about on "You Outta Know." MOVE ON! Talk about wallowing in self obsession.

[coolia] its not easy being a child star, just ask Dana Plato

[chica] love hurts

[coolia] who is this singing...i wasnt paying attention. maybe Train?

[coqueta] Train

[coolia] generic


[coolia] they will be one hit wonders

[chica] Trisha Yearwood is wearing Lane Bryant

[coqueta] does every band who performs get a grammy after they go on?

[coolia] it must be rigged. who is this singing?

[coqueta] who is this that's singing, she asks. he's latin. that's all that matters

[coolia] i was about to say who are the back up hoochies..then i realized

[chica] it's Destiny's Child

[coolia] they are bilingual! talented!

[coqueta] why in the hell is DC singing a "latin" song?

[chica] for a minute there i thought Beyonce was Mariah accessing her latin roots

[chica] they all just wanna be Selena

[coolia] Lucinda Williams looks very east village

[chica] damn, Lucinda looks like Iggy Pop

[coolia] Ja Rule! what a trio. Pamela bustin' out all over

[coqueta] when isn't she?

[chica] I love the glitter, but what the hell is she wearing?

[chica] tough category, why do they have Pam Anderson there at all?

[chica] she's just thanking all men, what's up with that?

[coolia] i dont have her album and i'm sure its brilliant and all but i think Alicia Keys is overexposed. she better watch out or she will become Macy Gray...nobody cares about her new album

[CharoFan] I mean what is that outfit? A wife beater, jeans, and some gauze ripped down from a hotel curtain.

[Nerdia] Maybe she's making a statement.

[CharoFan] Yeah, I don't know how to dress. That's her statement.

[coqueta] she's like all over and i've only heard that ONE song

[chica] now they bring the old crooner Tony Bennett on to add some class after DC. damn, Billy Joel looks way older than Tony.

[CharoFan] Oh my god.

[Nerdia] Speaking of hippos...

[CharoFan] He looks like a beached walrus. Wow, Grandpa Joel.

[Nerdia] I'm tired of Billy Joel singing Billy Joel. Why are they butchering the song I love.

[CharoFan] This is not a tinkly song.

[coqueta] i didn't get the whole Nelly-N'Sync-Justin (I think I'm Michael Jackson) thing

[chica] i think Sade was robbed, who the hell is Nelly Furtado anyway??

[coolia] the fake Nelly

[CharoFan] Billboard factoid: the 2 Nellys were on the chart simultaneously and there had never before been a Nelly on the chart in music Nellistory

[chica] has anyone told Jon Stewart he is not funny?

[coolia] Yakov Smirnov references are comedy killers

[coolia] i wanna hear "i'm a man of constant sorrow". i never see Emmy Lou Harris on stage alone..she's always part of a giant posse..like at lilith fair

[coolia] ohmigod..Dixie Chicks...they're making the fat one wear a blanket. hasnt she heard of Lane Bryant??

[chica] doesn't she know chubby girls shouldn't wear horizontal stripes?

[chica] lane bryant...even culture-specific the avenue is better than the blanket

[coolia] she could try dress barn plus

[coqueta] or the plus section at wal mart

[Nerdia] 3 Dixie Chicks - 3 bad outfits

[coolia] i wonder what Joan Rivers will say about that blanket

[chica] and Sheryl Crow looks like Heidi Fleiss

[coolia] we've made it halfway

[coqueta] woohoo

[chica] here goes Alicia's one song

[coolia] this is so played out

[coolia] oh it's a medley with her other song. i dont think she has star power

[chica] i think that she is in danger of becoming Macy. she might have to advertise album release dates on her clothes

[coolia] why the TV stars? something different about me: i don't love Raymond

[coolia] giving TVs away to people in the front rows doesnt really have much of an effect. they're rich dammit.

[coolia] perform and win...the trend continues

[chica] it's all rigged

[chica] there is no element of surprise

[coolia] ick frat boy music...Dave Matthews

[coqueta] ok he needs to hurry up his set

[chica] Waylon Jennings tribute from Kid Rock, i'm surprised

[coolia] Kid Rock actually knows his music..he was talking about the importance of "O Brother Where Art Thou" in the pre-show and he digs Hank Williams Jr too

[chica] damn. i never would have guessed it

[coolia] Bono again. eradicate third world debt.

[chica] yes, yes we should

[coolia] i'm more interested in the awards that don't make it to the TV broadcast. someday i hope to win "best album notes" for "the complete Duran Duran box set"

[chica] Bob Dylan. his set needs subtitles.

[coolia] he looks like death

[coolia] look at Janet's abs of steel!

[chica] somebody please feed Janet

[coolia] and stop her from doing obsessive sit ups. or is that the work of the ab energizer?

[coqueta] i heard Britney does sit ups in her dressing room before going on stage

[coolia] i heard she does 1000 per day

[chica] i do one, when i get outta bed

[coolia] Mary J Blige...she's cool

[coqueta] give Mary some love

[coolia] another Netaid vet

[chica] who wasn't at netaid?

[coolia] goals i still have from netaid...eradicate third world debt...clean up the water supply...get back those 8 hours of my life...

[CharoFan] I got chills. That's one of my Top 5 Grammy performances of all time along with Sheila E and her glow in the dark drumsticks singing "Glamorous Life," Ricky Martin, and Denise Williams singing "My God is Amazing" acapella.

[CharoFan] Look at Celine's face...that look says it all.

[CharoFan] What's with this pirating lecture? It doesn't seem like the audience is behind this.

[Nerdia] It makes me want to go out and pirate. It just sounds too inappropriate and venomouos for this show. He may have a point but he's going about it the wrong way.

[coolia] Elvis Costello...as Bono

[chica] what is up with Gwen's hair? i think she looks like Pebbles Flintstone.

[coolia] that's funny..i dont like Gwen..but that song is infectious. hey baby hey baby hey

[coqueta] Outkast! Sorry Ms Jackson, i am for reaaaaal

[coolia] nice pink outfit. forevah? foreveh ever?

[coqueta] he always wears pink

[chica] he looks like transgendered, black malibu barbie

[coolia] i'm not looking forward to seeing Alan Jackson

[coqueta] country hatah

[coqueta] it's country time

[chica] propaganda, propaganda

[coolia] Alan Jackson is a hoosier

[coqueta] that explains it

[coolia] there's a mullet under that hat

[coqueta] do you know the difference between Iraq and Iran?

[coolia] ?

[coqueta] that's what he said

[coolia] oh i thought maybe there was a punchline coming

[coolia] isnt the show running long? i wonder if Black Sabbath won best metal performance

[coqueta] no, Tool got it.

[coolia] damn. well, at least Ozzy has the reality show to fall back on.

[coolia] is Stevie Wonder wearing Lane Bryant?

[coqueta] Celine looks like she's at the Britney midwest prom

[coolia] totally

[coolia] they wrote the winner card in braille for Stevie. that's very inclusive.

[Nerdia] India Arie, who is she? That's really cool what she's saying about loving yourself.

[coolia] We should pay attention to these lyrics and take back all the shallow comments we've made about everyone's appearance tonight. Of course, then there would be nothing left to this review.

[coolia] U2's "Walk On" as record of the year. I agree. I love the song and the album. It's my 9/11 recovery album.

[coolia] not more PTL. A gospel finale...is this the grammys or mother angelica?

[coolia] Lane Bryant chorus line!

[coolia] well, that was pretty good i guess, overall. better than the AMAs

[coqueta] much better

[Nerdia] Thank god the musical performances held the show together because the host didn't.

All photos borrowed from Yahoo's compilation of AP and Reutersphotos.

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