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The A-Ha-kus

By Molly Denver

A tribute to a junior high obsession





Q: Please tell me...What's the secret for retaining your sexy look? I mean, it's almost been a decade and you guys still look the same. - Melba, Cape Town/South Africa

Mags: Surely we look better? All that surgery cannot have been in vain.

Morten is the star
but Mags, oh, please take on me.
Pal wears eyeliner.

Pal, I hear you're the
quiet one. Maybe eyeliner's
not the choice for you.

Pal, you look much like
a ballet dancer. Even
in living daylight.

Someone told Morten
his bod is something special.
Quit showing your butt!

Morten, what is with
your butt? Showing where the sun
don't shine on TV?

Hey Madonna, call
the cops! Morten Harket stole
your rubber bracelets
Harem pants fashion?
Or does Morten require
extra-long inseam?

Hunting high and low
for a teen idol that's as
dreamy as my Mags.

Mags, I can't say your
last name, but I'll take it as
my own, if you ask.

Mags, are you spending
your scoundrel days on the road?
I'll be your roadie.

Mags, I know you from
posters. Wait, what instrument
is it that you play?

Push Morten off! I'll
wrap my arms around your waist,
Mags, and we can ride!
Here's Ms. Molly in
her old Harlem bathroom with
Morten in the tub!

You would think that she
would match her skivvies when she's
got that company!

How disturbing to
see Molly cheating on Mags
With his friend Morten


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