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The Perverted Geek's
Box of Valentine's Candies

by Mary Ladd, Karen Ritchey, Chad Roth & Donovan Zimmerman

<intro> Hey, love isn't just for the suave!

In a techie loft far, far away and long, long ago, three developers and one developer poser (that would be Mary) devised this most impressive list of Valentine's conversation hearts for computer geeks and code gurus the world over. If you're a nerd in love who knows not what to say, let our love code candy scripts debug your inner stud...or studette. <end intro>


  • Nice Box
  • Megabite Me
  • You Overheat My CPU
  • Bill Gates Rules
  • I'm Microsoft But a Great Companion
  • Are You Into SMS?
  • Nice Dataset
  • You're My Primary Key
  • No Constraints
  • Lets Upgrade Together
  • OLE Me!!
  • Nice Inbox
  • Lets Get GUI
  • Be My Binary
  • Hey Hexy
  • You're My C++
  • Let's UpLoad
  • Java Java
  • Ride My Hard Drive
  • Let's Get Asynchronous
  • Let's COM Together
  • Can I Touch Your Interrupt
  • Deep Code Me
  • Nice CallStack
  • Lets ERROR 69
  • Talk Cursor To Me
  • You're In My Class
  • ADO Me
  • Nice Objects
  • Nice Components
  • Let's Get Corrupted
  • Wanna Compilulate
  • Your Icons Are Showing
  • You Enumerate Me
  • Let's Do It On The File Table
  • I'm All Hexed Up
  • How About Some Hex
  • Dump My Bones
  • I Have VB Not VD
  • Let's Explore Our Drives
  • Nice Rack
  • May I Mount Your Rack
  • You Should Have A License For That Thing
  • Nice Backend

- Chad Roth

  • PIC me
  • Wanna bmp?
  • URLovely
  • I got cache
  • My domain or yours?
  • Access Me
  • You Bug Me
  • Debug Me
  • I Dump 4 U
  • Cool Dump
  • Let's Dump Together
  • Let's Crash Together
  • Don't Hex Me
  • Wanna see my matrix, baby
  • Byte Me
  • Burn, Baby, Burn
  • Burn My CD
  • C Me Tonight
  • You zip my hard drive

- Karen Ritchey

  • Nice ASP
  • Frag Me
  • Lets put the X in XML
  • Let's just have Hex
  • Wanna have a stack dump behind my blue screen
  • You're like a beautiful PERL
  • DOM your hot!

- Donovan Zimmerman

  • Delete me
  • I love code
  • Wanna cookie
  • Let's get registered
  • What's your service pack?
  • Wanna compile?
  • You have a nice installation package
  • You can't install that here!

- Mary E. Ladd

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<end body> <...no actually, this is a body that just wont quit!>

Need customized love-scripts? Send a message in the bottle to the Ape Culture forum!


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