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More Celebrity Poems

from Jason Henninger


Itsy Bitsy Morrison

The itsy bitsy spider, yeah
well, he went on down the spout
and he looked inside
he went to the web where his sister lived
and then he
caught a fruitfly for his brother
and then he
crawled on up the spout! Yeah!
and the rain came down

you know the rain it floods the spout
spout flows to the drain
try to crawl
try to climb
climb on up to the other side

Spiders in the storm
spiders in the storm
he climbed into the spout
and water washed him out

waiting for the sun
waiting for the sun
to dry up all the rain

Climb to the end
arachnic friend, the end
climb to the end
and get washed out


Last night I saw Cher
at a Chevron
pumping gas in West Hollywood.
I thought, good for you,
pumping your own gas!
Right on.
Salt of the earth.
But maybe all I saw
was a Cher impersonator.
Hollywood is full of them.
I wonder if they all pump their own gas.



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