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The Sanjaya Mala-kus

By Mary Ladd

I am not ashamed to wear an "I Like Sanjaya" button. I represent with a haiku tribute.

Buck up little fawn
with the super shag hair do.
Tweens just want a pet.

Cool ambition from
your sister. You auditioned
as a tag along.

You can hapenstance
into great things with a smile...
and a breck girl look.

It's mod hair that makes
girls cry with joy. Remember
Ringo's first job choice.
The sulking judges,
your soft style delivery:
cloud pressing on pins.

A smile like citrus:
you can be fresh and juicy.
Votes feed you like rain.

Teletubbies smile
when Sanjy makes Simon quit.
They have comeback plans.
Shags, flips, spiral curls.
Judges want your music to
perform like your hair.
It's not sexual.
It's young love: someone dreamy
to shop toe rings with.
In the dressing room
Boys roll eyes while the girls put
barrettes in your hair.
Your solid sweetness
relaxes us and cuts through
the acid hipness.

We want to hug you.
Pish posh the votes for singing!
We want to hug you.


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