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Woo! Haikus for Taylor Hicks!

By Julie Wiskirchen

Something bizarre happened on American Idol, Season 5. The contestant I wanted to win actually won! I can now get over Jon Peter Lewis, Matt Rogers, and Constantine Maroulis and start fresh with the newly crowned Taylor Hicks. Here are some haikus to honor this Southern gentleman's journey.


Vegas audition:
Simon isn't sold, other
two send him through. Whew!

Gray hair, awkward dance
moves make for unlikely star.
Voice and passion shine.

Ray Charles impressions,
constant mugging annoy me.
Taylor, be yourself!

Out of the pound, a
star grows. Who says you can't teach
an old dawg new tricks?
Handsome but a bit
off, like George Clooney's slow twin
hidden in attic.

Taylor impresses with
"Levon". Connects with lyrics,
makes us feel the song.

Attempts to kick mike
stand over and misses. His
clutziness endears.
Singing "Something," he
takes on icons - Frank, Beatles
and makes it his own
Shall Cowell compare thee
to a drunk dad at wedding?
Thou shalt not be stopped.
Final Two face off.
Soul Patrol mobilizes,
mans phones, secures prize.
Take one cheesy new
Idol single. Taylorize.
Make people proud, son.
Our Idol hyped as
new Elvis; he just needs to
keep being Taylor.


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