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Take Back the Dawn

Breakfast Cereal - It's not just for kids anymore!

by Molly Denver

I always liked to
put a baggie of Corn Pops
in my "Chips" lunch box.

"Do geese think they're good?"
is a better slogan than
"Gotta have my Pops!"

Did Smacks- the one with
that small hyperactive frog-
go the way of Tab?
The talking Frosted
Mini-Wheats are scary if
you think about it.

All-Bran. Old people.
Is it necessary that
I say more than that?

Product 19- I
do wonder who buys that shit.
An All-Bran eater?

Is Cocoa Krispies
the same thing as Rice Krispies
mixed with chocolate milk?
Do Puffs have to be
made of Cocoa in order
to make you Coo-Coo?

Crackle was the best
of the Rice Krispies mascots.
He was sort of cute.

I hope both Snap and
Crackle never minded that
Pop is so darn gay.

But Pop would be cute
with the Pillsbury Dough Boy.
Do you think they've met?



Whatever happened
to Mikey and is it true
that he still likes it?


Who here remembers
Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute?
And Frankenberry?


I think Cookie Krisps
are mostly kid tested but
not mother approved.



Kix. What a stupid
name for a cereal- who
came up with that shit?



How does the bee from
Honey Nut Cheerios keep
from getting stepped on?

That bee must belong
to a gym 'cuz that milk is
many times his size.

Did hate for the taste
of Wheaties make me the slug
that I am today?


It's so funny when
they get to the punch line and
say "Nuttin' Honey"


I always cheered for
the poor Trix Rabbit to get
his damn cereal.
Know what's magically
delicious? Beer. And the
leprechaun knows it.

Tony, it's the red
bandana that makes you more
a pet than a man

Is Hedwig of the
angry inch fame what is meant
by a Frosted Flake?


Special K- is that
the name of a girl that takes
the short bus to school?

Childhood is about
Special K being the last
left in the Snack Pak.



Why couldn't they have
an apple-shaped guy named Jack
or is that cliché?
I haven't kept up
with commercials- is Crispix
still crispy times two?


It took me many
years to get that "Leggo" was
short for "Let go of"



Raisin Bran- I don't
really have anything cute
to say about it.


If you feel you must
spell "Froot" that way, maybe you
should spell it "Froot Lewps"

There's Talk Soup and there's Talk Cereal. Do it here.


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