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Listed by "What's Funny on the Internet!"
Listed in Today's Cool Sites! by Alta Vista (01/09/01)
Honorable Mention in Writer's Digest's 2000 National Zine Publishing Awards
Listed as one of the funniest sites on the internet in the June 2002 issue of Yahoo! Internet Life magazine






Our fancy French Fragilé award


Yahoo! Internet Life
Pretty Strange Site of the Day
01/11/01 & 1/24/01

Reviews & Comments...

"I think I'd be the last person who'd want to stalk William Shatner. In fact, I want to stay away from him. His speaking style scares me. Perhaps the test answer that T. J. Hooker was "described by Nostradamus as the herald of global annihilation" is correct. This site is for people who a) want a good laugh or b) people who want to take the test seriously, and therefore need help. Abnormality: 7; Stupidity: 8; Entertainment: 8"
#472 in Dan Crowley's 505 Unbelievably Stupid Web P@ges, 2003

"A highbrow journal for hipsters" - San Jose Mercury News

"Really enjoy the reviews. However I don't even "think" I enjoyed Adaptation - it was weird to say the least. Taking a nap didn't help in following whatever the plot was...I read this section of Ape Culture first!!" Estelele, mother of Nerdia
Art Haarper's Movie Reviews for Retired Persons

A Pathetic Haiku Tribute for American Idol's Simon Cowell

"Oh my gosh! this is a terrible web site! It is 100% digusting and stupid. how could you go on? I.A.G.T.S.Y.S."

"Have you been living in a hole for most of your life. Nathan's is nothing more then a fast food chain. If you were looking for ambience and fine cuisine, why even stop at a roadside place. Drive into Manhattan and eat at the Palm Club or The 21 Club. In other words get real. A food critic you're not!!!"
Gentleman of Leisure Reviews Dining in Yonkers, NY

"Recently stumbled upon your website featuring homes decorated for Christmas in Yonkers, NY. I have a question. Why were the snowmen referred to as "Mafia Snowmen"? I live in Yonkers and am guessing that since there is a large Italian-American community it was your way of insulting that culture. Or was it a joke? If so, then please explain why there weren't any ethnic comments made about the workers and patrons in your review of Nathan's? Surely, you could have come up with a few funny jokes about them, too. Or is it okay to ridicule certain groups and wrong to make stereotypical jokes about others? PS-If you're going to be a flaming New York City liberal, then leave everyone alone. If you can't, then you're just another ignorant American."
Glorious Excess: Christmas Decorations Run Amok in Yonkers, NY

"Wow! Did you get used and abused by Rod or something? Nothing personal and I'm not being critical of you; however, isn't Rod just being a man? And the older he gets, the more he has to prove to himself; I guess he does it by womanizing. Too bad he doesn't realize that it isn't necessary. You also have to blame the women who get involved with him. They know going in an dthey go anyway. "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." I wonder what I would do. :-)"
Rod Stewart Celebrity Adventure

I just wanted to send you a letter of complete apreciation for voicing your opinion on Ozzy and "The Osbournes."...I am a die hard fan, but as you wrote...Sharon is out of control."
Ruminations on The Osbournes

"I am appaled at a message bout ozzy and sharon and the kids...The point of the show is to say that no matter how famous you are you still have to take out the garbage so when you next decide to say something bad bout sharon think of what she has been through with ozzy he tried to kill her"
Ruminations on The Osbournes

"Screw that, you want to try skating out there, it's very hard! I know I don't skate on tv, but what if you were out there on blades and tried to do that, you would fall flat on your face. So don't be dissing us when you don't know how it feels."
Why Female Skaters Suck and Female TV Characters Rock

"Gee..I am very glad that I don not have fans like you. You do NEED a LIFE, and should possibly consider suicide as an alternative to the vast emptiness that you call your existence. Words can not describe my felling about your idiotic and insane little worthless life...Thank you for your time, and go kill yourself."
The Standardized Should I Stalk William Shatner Test

Curmudgeon's Home Companion wrote: "Is Helga for my pet project, California Secessionism? GET CALIFORNIA OUT OF THE U.S. AND INTO THE U.N."
Helga for California Governor!

"Thank you thank you thank you! I was trying to explain "death week" to someone that was not from Memphis and I found this article - which summed up the entire topic perfectly! Beautiful! You captured the spirit of "death week" with such accuracy - makes me homesick for Memphis!" - Robin
Report on Elvis Week

"I read your story about the benefit concert Jimmy Buffett did that you attended. Fins up. I would love to see him in a setting like that but I'm afraid it just isn't in the cards with 4 parakeets at home...My wife and I both enjoy your site. Thanks for the entertainment." - Bruce
Jimmy Buffett Benefit on Long Island

"I love Kylie she is great"
The Kyliemericks; Kylie Minogue: Interview with a Vamp; Kylie Minogue, Live in Sydney; Kylie Minogue Spins Back!

"Ya know, I discovered ApeCulture about 2 years ago when there was a posting about the brit-drag-queen Marilyn that was being posted around the net. Since then, I have been an avid fan of it and can't get through a week without checking it out again and again. To say that you have the greatest sense of humor is an understatement - since the stories are having me on the verge of pissing myself from laughing so hard. So, thanks for the hysterical articles, everything from "Eight is Engouh vs. Amityville Horror" up to the Ode to Autumn [mailing list letter], which is so funny I have to send it around to my friends! The fact that you can take stuff like that as well as put together sentiments for us during 9-11 (the mix tapes you put together) is incredible. Keep up the great work. If you ever need a "cub reporter" let me know." Harry

"This is the funniest site I have ever seen. I am so happy I looked up haikus to teach a lesson plan to a group of would be teachers. I can't wait to show them the heavy metal haikus. That's good stuff! - Stephanie
Heavy Metal Love Haikus

"Ape Culture always has something interesting to say." - Avaleeland dot com

"u r an idiot u have no idea and shut the hell up we dont want to see the shit u write write back plez"

"Burt i like to see all your movies i'm working on getting smokey and the bandit3"
Hot Line: The Letters I Get... and Write By Burt Reynolds

"u lot r a bunch of fucking assholes and i hope u will shut down your shitty website"

"I'd read the U2 haiku review several months ago, but it wasn't until I stumbled on the hilariously TRUE Bob Dole Pervert article that I became hooked -- what a fantastic menagerie this is!" Rachel

"thank you forever for making me laugh and stay alive forever."

"Heavy Emotion: You don't see the haiku form used to express feelings of love very often. Usually haiku is used to express the ineffable poignancy of a given situation, and often the realm of love is highly complex, and all-too-effable, rendering it more compatible with, say, sonnets, couplets, or free verse. However, it only takes the right admixture for love to work perfectly in haiku form - and that admixture is heavy metal. Somehow, when the object of one's affection is a feathered-haired headbanger, the words just form themselves effortlessly into the elegant 5-7-5 format, producing such paeans as "My radio plays Dream On/As those lips devour me/My body quivers," or "Ozzy, leave your wife/That shrew will work you to death/I'll take care of you." Of course it all can't be puppies and hearts forever, as evidenced by some of the sourer squibs on the page - "Ronnie James Dio/Holy Diver's not bad but/You look like a troll."
Strange Site of the Day, 01/24/01

Listed as "Must See" websites in the "Abuse" category by the Movie Host of BellaOnline, The Voice of Women on the Web

"A little warped, but sweet. Be sure to check out their Kevin Spacey haikus."

"HELLO? YOU'VE REACHED STALKER CENTRAL. There is something very, very wrong with these people, and the fact that they've all found each other and are organized should strike fear into our souls. In fact, as soon as I stop laughing, I'm going to get very alarmed. Until then, I'll keep reading Ape Culture, every update, all the celebrity haikus ("I can never get back/The fifteen minutes/I crushed on Vanilla Ice"), the epic love poem to Charo ("after finishing a divine banana flambe, the lady of the house/takes to the small bamboo stage"), the poetic dueling Bill-lovers (Paxton vs. Pullman), the concert reviews ranging from Cher to Hole and everything in between, the essays in which the cast from "Eight Is Enough" encounters the plot from "Poltergeist." Weird, wonderful and certifiable, a big, fat wallow in popular culture, and an utter hoot...Don't miss it."
Ari McKee of the briefme ezine

"What do you get when you give two former St. Louis women - who are obsessed with pop culture - web space and an HTML editor? This site, which is one of the funniest sites online. Be sure to check it out."
Prodigy Comedy Community E-Zines

"Your zine is sassy and pertinent. It's a publication with a zany taste for the piquant. Better than the Kenneth Starr report and then some. Seriously, enjoy your pages, delightful and ample."
Earnest of Reverie 09/14/98

"a lot of funny stuff"
Miami Maestro's Humor Links

"You're in the jungle baby! This pop culture humor zine is full of weird stuff. Check out crybaby Richard Simmons' writing back to overweight cats."
Alta Vista, Cool Site of the Day, 01/09/00

Named "humor of the week" by Ink Tank, 01/00

"Revista electronica com curiosidades, artigos e poemas. Destaque parra um jogo em que voce se transforma em celebridade e continua a aventura conforme os links que escolher. Em ingles."
Approximate translation by Ape Abroad Jamila: "electronic magazine with curiosities, articles and poems. Distinguished by a game that lets you transform into a celebrity and have an adventure by clicking on links and making choices."
Brazil Online

"The Should I Stalk William Shatner page is a riot, but don't take my word for it, just go there!...the hard truth is you probably aren't prepared or devoted enough to reap the avalanche of media attention a man who really, really, really liked William Shatner a lot would almost certainly get. Before you buy a sleeping bag, night vision goggles and bus tickets to a year's worth of Mr. Shatner's speaking engagements, take this simple quiz. It could save you a lot of time, humiliation and listening to George Takei ramble pointlessly about getting his own show while waiting for William Shatner to come on."
Creative Loafing

"This convenient test over at apeculture.com provides a handy way , in the words of Fast Eddie Bax, to "quantify your devotion." To William Shatner, that is.
Aint It Cool News

"what a great site. check out the love poems. check out the choose your own celebrity adventures. & please, take the shatner quiz. i have to go be rod stewart now.
P am of Andrew & Pam's dirtynerdluvpitas

"You'll Laugh Your Mouse Off: Should I Stalk William Shatner Test. Are you ready to quit your job, abandon all personal ties and live as a drifter on the outskirts of the Shatner ranch?
Charles Pappas of The Web in 60 Seconds & Finkydoodle, 01/05/00

Re: Humor Ezines
"Looking for "National Lampoon Dotcom," "MAD Magazine," "Ape Culture," "Bob's Fridge Door," "The Brunching Shuttlecocks," "The Onion" and "Chickenhead?" These satire, parody and spoof magazines have been collected in one place with old and new favorites."
About.com's Mike Durrett on Satire and Parody and Spoofs

"Oh Captain, My Captain: So you want to stalk William Shatner. Sure, doesn't everybody? But do you have what it takes to pursue the Man Who Would Be Hooker relentlessly to the ends of the earth? Previously, you had to attend countless Star Trek conferences, read all the TekWar books, and put up with the incoherent ramblings of James Doohan to find out whether you had the mettle, but this is the future! It's 2001 gosh darn it, and we have the modern miracle that is Should I Stalk William Shatner Test. Just remember, TJ Hooker was only a phase. He was experimenting (like all teenagers do). If we can forgive the hairpiece, lord knows we can forgive that."
Strange Site of the Day, 01/04/01

"I am sorry that you have developed such a negative attitude toward someone I still admire and am trying to keep an open mind about. I wish you well."
Angel, 12/24/00

"Unexpectedly compelling."
Zinarini, 12/00

"I Know it's been on your mind...put those annoying voices to rest with The Standardized Should I Stalk William Shatner Test."

The Standardized Should I Stalk William Shatner Test named "Weird Earl" (as in URL) on Cecil Adams' The Straight Dope column, 12/20/00

"u lot r a bunch of fucking assholes and i hope u will shut down your shitty website"
Jonathan Stephens

Re: Requiem for The Richard Bey Show
"Thanks for the astute evaluation of the Richard Bey Show. I always saw it as a performance piece satirizing American pop culture... we are all actors in this production...today even more so with shows like Survivor, Big Brother and all the court shows. The irony exists that while I shouted "Where do they find these people", we ARE these people -- from Bill Clinton to Princess Di to the guy waiting for the bus to the winner of a reality game show. The media is like 'The Matrix' today. The line between real life and commercial media encroachment becomes more fluid all the time. Now I don't think or say that Bill Clinton canceled the show...your assessment of the media feeding frenzy on talk shows is correct...it left many shows weakened...stations dropping shows or shifting them to weak time periods, sponsors dropping advertising, etc...but all evidence pointed to at least another year for us...The company threw all of the one-inch edited masters out in the dumpster this year...800 of them! Five year's worth...Now it truly is trash TV!!!"
Richard Bey, 12/06/00

Re: Which Beatle Are You
"interesting articles on Ringo and George"
Ringo Starr Homepage

"Visit this e-zine dedicated to popular television, movies, music and magazines to read interesting and amusing articles about American pop culture." Ranking: 2 Buzzels
www.buzzle.com 7/00

Re: Heavy Metal Love Haikus
"Ahh...here's something to sink your teeth into, haikus written in ode to rock gods. Perverse, slobbering and downright hilarious."

"Everyone take a look at Ape Culture. Look at Joe's Ode to Tootie, who is tied for my favorite members of the Facts of Life family (tied with Blair). Kekeke. Oh yeah -- Tina was mentioned in The Temp's Corollary. And what's incredibly funny?! Apes Abroad - Japan. HAHAHA! Loose socks! Fertility Shrine! I couldn't stop myself from laughingl. Well, of course the blinds were partially open since Janet wasn't in today and the door was completely ajar since there are very few students during the summer...and hence I didn't want to laugh too loud. I was reduced to tears -- a kind of hearty deep breathing. Eeek! Waah! It was so funny! I had to really tear myself away from reading everything on the site! It was plain hilarious! LOOSE SOCKS!"

Re: The Expose of Kermit the Frog
"No, it's not a very nice page toward my beloved Kermie, but it's funny goshdarnit!
Kermit The Frog Page

"Many tasty, bite-sized morsels here."
metascene 10/99

Web Guide Magazine -- For the Best Time Online, Listed in Best Rated Sites for 1999, "The most impressive sites we found in the past year." Review from 10/99: "...This e-zine attempts to make a monkey out of American pop culture -- or does it insinuate pop culture is making a monkey out of you?" 10/99

"You want some cheeky, cheesy pop culture commentary? After all, the Onion doesn't come out every day. Or maybe you're just tired of trying to be smart and reading books about Derrida and stuff. Apeculture is perfect for those who were weaned on television celebrity culture, and the ambiguous love-hate/worship relationship with it that such an upbringing engenders in anyone possessing one iota of critical conscience. Tellingly enough, the icon for this web site is the silhouette for Cornelius from 'Planet of the Apes'. Featuring such sly star-deflating concepts as bad movie reviews and concert reviews that manage to simultaneously praise and belittle rock stars and icons Ozzy, John Waite and Cher. One of the more moronically sublime features of the site is 'Love Poems to the Stars', sample couplet 'To the Fonz'. www.dolomite.net, 8/99

Re: Talkin' with Elvis Down by the Sea by Ann Cefola:
I visited the site and read your piece on Elvis.I have mentally returned to it many times. We think we know people and continue to be surprised by them. Your stream-of-consciousness style in this piece is so different from how I think of you. (very organized and businesslike). However, I was swept into the spirit of impersonation while at the same time, stood with you outside the impersonator and his act - watching. I did have some difficulty imagining you acting like a walrus. You're far too delicate for that, but then again ...You are truly a multi-faceted gem. Is the impersonator giving you management commissions? You'll probably inspire someone to hire him. p.s. A good writer always teaches something to the reader. I learned things in that article. Congratulations. Keep on being you.

Re: Talkin' with Elvis Down by the Sea by Ann Cefola:
LOVED YOUR ARTICLE so much I've printed it out to save and circulate!!!! Koo koo ka choo!!! (Gazundheit)

Re: Ask Cher Scholar
"We LOVE Cher Scholar! We just might have to write in a little more often. Thanks!"
Kim and Megan

"I just gotta say that your website is great and your story about meeting Cher is awesome... I really laughed and cried while I was reading it."
Jana, 10/99

"I just discovered Ape Culture and, I've got to tell you, I feel like I've come home ... in essence: Ape Culture, good. Make me feel happy inside. Yes, reading over your "zine" -- as the monosyllabic refer to it -- I chuckled many times and nodded sagely to myself in that self-congratulatory
I-get-this-and -therefore-must-be-cool sort of way that later sickens me a bit. Right away I decided I must write the editors a letter in which I sound very smart and clever and call upon the deepest resources of my vocabularic... thingy in my brain...box. Yes, I thought, I shall craft an e-mail brimming over with forced humor that makes them smile tightly while clicking delete. The slim point of this missive is I really enjoyed Ape Culture quite a bit."
Tim Madison, 8/99 Editorial Reply: On the contrary, we did not smile tightly while clicking delete, but proudly clicked and dragged this message to our beloved Save-This-Accolade file folder. Please visit Tim's hilarious and original Official Kresky Home Page at www.kreskytv.com.

Re: Divas 99, A Look Back in Anger
"So much hate for Cher. The way I heard it, Whitney hogged the whole show claiming that because she was first to sign up, she deserved it. Also, as you noted too, there were too many damn alleged divas. I thought Cher's performance of 'Turn Back Time' was great. Yes, as a long time Cher fan I was disappointed in her half singing 'Believe', but I have heard her sing it live on Letterman, Leno and in concert twice so far. To compare her to Vanilli? Geez. That sux. But you redeemed yourself with a few nice comments, too."
Thomas A. Dalesxio, 11/99

"Thanks to the good folks over at Yahoo!, whose anal retentive personalities allow for convenient categorization of millions of web pages, I found your fantastic humor magazine. Sure, it doesn't have the pizzazz of BritneySpears.com, the audacity of KraftFoods.com, or the serendipity of Serendipity.com, but you've got yourself a pretty darn good thing going there."
Joe Durrant, 11/99

Re: The Gentleman of Leisure reviews Ozzfest '98
"Well, I got to say that I laughed so hard I nearly cried. Why is it so funny? Because this guy is serious. This was a very good review in my mind because the guy is coming in totally cold and alien to a metal concert let a lone one of the biggest metal fests going. It's hilarious. Yeah, I agree Omar, I'm glad they took his paraphernalia away from him."
Posting on Deja News, 9/98

"We at PlanetClick were darn excited to discover your hilarious e-magazine and we want the rest of our web planet to indulge in Ape Culture like we do!"
PlanetClick 'Site of the Day', 8/99

Re: Battle of the Bills: Bill Paxton vs. Bill Pullman
"Well, I think they are both handsome and like them both the same."
Halebopper, 5/99

"Ape this. ...Ape Culture, which I highly recommend. Right off the bat I was charmed by a category heading titled "Ape Shit." And then there's the "you be the celebrity," game which appears to be almost appallingly fun, the downside being the celebrity you might choose might be Sonny Bono."
Newsies 2.0, 4/99

"...this diverse collection of articles is not only funny, but also informative (Kermit the Frog is Gay). I found lots to like during my visits, including an
obsessive remembrance of a Barry Manilow fan club member."
Mike Durrett, About.com, 11/98

"Just got home. We really had a good time. Norman stayed in the basement and came out at night. Charlie was really good. Susan thought your Barry Manilow was a blast. Andrew had gone back and noticed the changes you'd made with Java?? I'll give you a call tomorrow night. Am going to call Grandpa tomorrow to wish him a Happy Birthday. Did Maureen call you? She was going to tell you to be sure to bring your bathing suit."
Mom, 11/98

"I loved it so much that I've made it the Short Attention-Span site of the week here at C*E*A*. Thanks for coming up with such a fun site."
Cathie, www.amused.com, 11/98

"FAT CATS: The fact that Richard Simmons is already a parody of himself hasn't stopped a generation of humorists from poking fun at the frizzy-haired fitness guru. Despite this, I've yet to see anything as downright goofy as Ape Culture's "Obese House Pets Petition Richard Simmons for Help." The piece features imaginary correspondence between a compassionate Simmons and desperate domestic animals, including "Sam, the cat with they thyroid problem,"
"Rham-Beau, the shih tzu in denial" and "Helga, mixed-up mixed breed." Before and after photos of the now-svelte pets accompany their letters."
Spike of The Spike Report, 11/98

"You and your friends are twisted."
Grace Hackett, 11/98

"Ape Culture is brilliant! I loved the celebrity poems. I'm fascinated. And there's so much more!" 9/98
"Ape Culture is the best. Do you have t-shirts, too?"
Josh Glenn of Hermenaut, 10/98
Editorial Haiku Reply:
T-shirts are here!

"Ape Culture: There was going to be just one section featured from this site, but we couldn't decide which was best. The pages are all different and very weird"
Weird Sightings Pick of the Day, 10/98

Re: The Big Rewind Tour/Human League/Culture Club/Howard Jones
"So just how old are you? If you were in grade school during the 80s, it's no wonder you couldn't appreciate the concert. The 80s, especially the music, were nothing but fun, so what's wrong with that?"
M. Allen, 10/98

"I read the haikus (hilarious) and the concert reviews. I really enjoy reading the stuff you guys are writing. You're doing a great job!!"
Kim G'Sell, 9/98

"POP GOES THE CULTURE: The new issue of smart pop-culture/humor 'zine Ape Culture contains several interesting essays, including Christine Horace's tribute to Phil Hartman, who once read her fan letter on The Tonight Show, and M.E. Ladd's admission of a shameful past as a Barry Manilow devotee. In Media Morph, my favorite Ape Culture feature, hard-bitten 70s sleuth Jim Rockford is retained by uptight 30s busybody Nancy Drew, with hilarious results."
Spike of The Spike Report, 9/98

"I'M APE FOR APE CULTURE: I'm enjoying Ape Culture, a new pop-culture 'zine created by recent Sarah Lawrence College MFA recipients Mary Ladd and Julie Wiskirchen. Among the offerings in the current Spring issue is Wiskirchen's deeply twisted short story, "Eight Is Enough To Fill Our Lives With Blood" which depicts 70s TV TV family, the Bradfords, moving into the possessed "Amityville Horror" house. Check it out, along with Ladd's investigation of Kermit the Frog's sexuality."
Spike of The Spike Report, 8/98

"Stopped by your site -- Terrific pages. Very funny. Great Design. Great contribution to the World Wide Web. I am much impressed. I am awarding your site the Humor Award."
Ernest Slyman of www.geocities.com/soho/7514, 8/98

"I read your 8 is enough story and loved it. It really brought me back to my pathetic little, TV saturated adolescence."
Jamie Bufalino, 8/98

"you're site kicks ass."
Bill Dumas, 8/98

"We think your Ape Culture site is very cool and would really interest our members. We would like to acknowledge your awesome skills in developing your site by presenting you with the animalhouse.com award.
www.animalhouse.com, 8/98

"Ape Culture features edgy satire, reminiscing, reviews, personal essays and the Choose-Your-Own-Celebrity-Adventure game. Articles in the debut issue included a travelogue of Elvis Week 97, Media Morphing: what happens when you cross Eight is Enough with The Amityville Horror, the ugly truth about Kermit the Frog, and a report on Japanese pop culture from an American teaching abroad. We just know you're really gonna dig it."
Kim Komando's Kool Sites, 5/98

"This is so cool. How can I subscribe?"
Greyg, 5/98

Re: The Gentleman of Leisure's Review of Nathan's Eatery
"I visited the site and must say that I was quite upset about your review of Nathan's on Central Avenue. This fine establishment deserves nothing but the best reviews, and seems to me to be above your taste. "Limp and chewy," who are you calling limp and chewy? I bet the hard-working, diligent, and selfless employees had nothing but the highest opinion of you as you scarfed down your undeserved fare. However, the kind and forgiving employees of Nathan's would allow someone as ungrateful as you to return to their hallowed halls as soon as you print a retraction. Otherwise, you can keep your ungrateful self out of the sanctum sanctorum of haute cuisine. I am further discouraged by your unwarranted lambaste of Nathan's when there are so many other ills which our society faces, like homeopathy. You need to think before you write your next submission. P.S. I will never submit to Ape Culture! I will resist your plot to destroy the fine society in which we now live where a crucifix in urine gets more attention than the most noble of pursuits - simulated bass fishing."
Christian Gorycki, 5/98

"I am very happy to announce that you are one of the latest winners of the Key Site Award for excellence in web design. Your web site was evaluated by our team of experts (me) and found to be both interesting and easy to navigate. I found the content of your site to be original and worth a repeat visit! It is efforts such as yours that make the web such an interesting place to explore. I am rather selective in what I feel merits my award and your site definitely qualifies in every respect. Keep up the great work!"
Thomas Speer, 4/98

"Love your web page. It brought me back....memories that popped into mind when reading it were: reliving the episode of Dallas where JR got shot in my dollhouse with the Fisher Price Little People© and my brief encounter with the Eight is Enough fan club. I was also a member of the ZOOM fanclub.
I hear it's coming back on TV. I wonder whatever happened to Bernadette?"
Jayne Heilman, 4/98

"YOU are responsibility for sending me to the Dolly Parton website. I am UNCLEAN now! And besides, I wanted the Bradfords to DIE. What the hell is wrong with you?"
Peter Turco, 4/98

"You guys are HILARIOUS. This is such an excellent and most-witty website! I particularly enjoyed my tour of Graceland (is a tour of the Liberace Museum in our future?) and the truth about Kermit. How could I have been so blind about him? The link that most cracked me up: Sears Portrait Gallery. Will you do a feature on St. Louis? An update on Tom Jones? I think a field trip to the Petrified Animal Museum is in order. A great hour spent."
Denise Lisciandro, 4/98


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