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Updated March 7, 2016

Editor's Note: Although we rarely update the site lately, Ape Culture is celebrating its 17th anniversary and is a treasure trove of pop criticism!

New Stuff:

The Death Valley Super Bloom - It's Super! - Coolia spends a few days in Death Valley amid copious wildflowers during the once-a-decade Super Bloom, and learns about human nature in Pahrump, NV.

Beauty of the Beasts: My Kenya Safari Trip - Coolia took a 2-week trip to Kenya, visting Nairobi and 5 parks. Check out her pics and travelogue.

My First Cruise: Embracing the Fun Imperative - From Froot-Loop-encrusted french toast to hairy chest contests to a meltdown at a Mexican McDonalds, Coolia tries her damnedest to have fun on a Carnival fun ship.

Glastonbury 2013
Coolia dares to go to Glastonbury without wellies and lives to tell! A full review of the epic festival with pics and videos. She saw the Stones!

Me and Steve Martin at The Troubadour
Review of the new Steve Martin DVD The Television Stuff and the connection between Steve Martin's early stand-up work and Generation X irony and meta-making.

Tool in Life, Treasure on TV—We Love the Office Bully - Dana Rossi takes on television's most lothesome office tools, from the late 70s Louie DePalma to the most recent tool Andy Bernard. We hate them; we love them. We love hating them.

Nerdy Man - Coolia presents a photo essay on Yuri's Night, a convergence of geeks and burners celebrating space exploration

Touring the Galleries of the Stars - Nerdia and Coolia review art shows by Julian Schnabel and Leonard Nimoy

Kate the Great - Reviews of two Katharine Hepburn novelty books: At Home With Kate (Growing Up in Katharine Hepburn's Household) by Eileen Considine-Meara and How to Hepburn (Lessons on Living from Kate the Great) by Karen Karbo

After Harry Potter, the Laundry - Mary Ladd inhaled the final installments of Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket, but one of them left a bad taste in her mouth




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