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Now wait a minute; this could be a good thing. For one thing, you have a knack for talking people into buying what they would normally never buy if not under your Bonospell. Things like happy-hippie albums, TV pilots for uninspired but flashy variety shows, political credibility. The phrase 'he could talk a drowning man into water' has often been applied to you. And a talent such as this can be used for either the forces of goodishness or the forces of not-so-goodishness. You decide.


This Page contains many perilous adventures you may experience as Sonny Bono. From time to time, you will be pressed to make a choice. Each choice may lead to fame, glory or Scientology. Be careful. The whole point of this elaborate exercise is as follows: you are responsible for the decisions you make in your life. You can't click the back button in the Web Page of Life. Think carefully before you make a bone-head move. One mistake could cost you a variety series, a restaurant, an election, your life.

Forces of Goodishness.

Forces of Not-100%-Goodishness.
(post-death euphemism)

This adventure was brought to you by M.E. Ladd


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