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The Madame Tussaud's Experience:
The Photos

By Mary Ladd and Julie Wiskirchen

For some reason, girls don't scream when confronted with the wax Beatles.

Hasn't Nelson Mandela suffered enough? Now he has to be juxtaposed with world super villains Castro and Arafat? Castro looks so stiff--does he have a cigar up his ass? The birthmark on Gorbachev's head was nicely detailed.

Julie tries to emulate Bob Dylan's pose. This is a recurring theme in our Madame Tussaud's photos and in most people Madame Tussaud's photos. Either we're not very creative or we want to be EXACTLY like our favorite stars.






Although disgusted by Woody Allen's relationship with Soon Yi, Sherry and Julie do not hesitate to sit next to him at the garden party and schmooze. Note Woody's self-protective body language. He would clearly like to escape.

The Today show cast, rear view. Impressive rears.








Chrissy poses with one of her minor celebrity obsessions, Patrick Stewart.
Mary was struck by the hugeness of George Washington. He was football player huge. Mary always pictures historical people as being little so they could fit in their little beds. George must have had his beds specially made, probably by the same guy who made his wooden teeth.
We found it rather disturbing that Christopher Reeve was portrayed in his wheelchair. Don't get us wrong--we think he's inspirational and all that. It's just kind of a fun killer.

Ru Paul atop a fountain--the bizarre centerpiece of the garden party scene.

The Evander Holyfield wax dummy was so accurate, it was missing part of its ear! Wax Don King lurks in the background, just like he does in real life.

Mary vogues with Samuel L. Jackson, subject of one of her crush haikus. Wha cha lookin' at, Sam?

Read the full story of our visit to Madame Tussaud's.

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